A message to President Biden and America

Dear President Joe Biden and America,

America is in the center of the two conflicts between Russia – Ukraine, Israel – Palestine. America supports Ukraine in its defensive battle against Russia by supplying weapons and helps Israel in its defensive war against Hamas. Israel is the only Democratic nation in the middle east. The battle between Israel and Hamas is not only a battle for the peaceful settlement of the Jewish people in the land of Israel, the land given to them in the Bible but also a battle for democracy. Communist Russia has fallen but there are still ruff points to finish the transition of Russia from the Soviet Union to democracy. Ukraine is also democratic but an innocent victim of the past when it was part of the Soviet Union. Russia advances in its war which it calls a war not to conquer Ukraine but a territorial war on part of Ukraine. Israel advances into the Gaza strip and with the help of God they will gain complete control over the Gaza strip and free the captives of the war which begun October 7 when Hamas attacked Israel viciously killing Israeli civilians and kidnapping innocent civilians.

Israel has enemies in the south and in the North. Hezbollah has caused evacuation of its citizens from Northern settlements and continues to bombard cities in Northern Israel. It has also an enemy in the Middle East the nation of Iran. Iran for the first time attacked Israel with hundred of missiles from its land. Iran is working to build nuclear weapons which threaten Israel. They publicly announce that they want to destroy Israel. They are also behind Hezbollah and Hamas.

These two wars are dangerous to the whole world. America has the power to bring these wars to a close. If Putin in Russia will agree to a cease fire and fair settlement on the territories that it has already conquered, America can stop the war by refusing to arm Ukraine. Ukraine alone cannot agree to a ceasefire all the time that Russia is a threat to the security of Ukraine standing at its borders. Until today Putin has not advanced into places in central Ukraine which it has not claimed. Ukraine to make a peace treaty with Russia and sacrifice territories which will be difficult, it needs to be guaranteed security for the future.

Israel will complete its war with Hamas, conquering Rafah with the intention of bringing to the people of the Gaza Strip a new regime cooperative with Israel, America, and the other Arab nations. Israel also needs security to surrender Gaza to Palestine or to make a Palestinian state in the future. All the time that Iran stands behind the enemies of Israel threatening Israel with destruction, there can never be a two-state solution. Ukraine and Israel want security for peace which the US and the western world can give through the acceptance of Israel and the Ukraine into NATO. Russia will not allow Ukraine to become part of NATO until it gets those territories which it wants and has fought for losing many of its soldiers. Israel may be willing to consider a complete two state solution if the threat of Iran is removed through becoming part of NATO. The Arab block in the Middle East may also be interested in joining NATO to remove the threat of Iran from the Middle East. Iran fought with Iraq many years. They are a threat not only to Israel but to the whole Middle East.

Consider my peace solution. The prophets of truth have resurrected Mohammed, Jesus and Moses. Adam the father of all mankind has returned to his home in the Garden of Eden with his wife Eve. The purpose of the creation is peace. Shalom is the name of the Lord, Our God.

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