A letter to Vladmir Putin – The Glory of Russia

Dear Prime Minister of Russia,

        The history of Russia is of the greatest nations of the world. On one side Russia was the nation which defeated Hitler in World War II and freed the Jewish people from Auschwitz concentration camp. On the other side Russia was the nation which defeated Napoleon, on the side of the Western culture. No other nation in the world has been in history a champion nation on both sides. The role of Russia in today’s world is as a peace-maker. Peace is the unity of right and left. Peace stands between anarchy and dictatorship. When the Soviet Union was abolished and became a free state, the holy saint the Lubavitcher Rebbe declared it to be a holiday and for his students to wear the clothing of the Sabbath.

        When the war in the Ukraine will be ended with a peace agreement, the war in the middle east between two nations Israel and Palestine will also be solved through the complete stabilization of the Middle East. Rather than Russia should stand on the side of China, North Korea and Iran which gives it no glory, it should stand on the side of peace in the Middle East and the whole world. Russia includes in its history the New Age and the Old Age. America which is a new age nation cannot do the peace-making which Russia is able to accomplish.

I give to you and Russia my blessings to be the representative of the Lord the King of the Universe on earth to represent his holy name which is peace.

Sincerely yours,

Rabbi David Wexelman