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Title #7 - Orthodox Society or Free World, Ohr Haganuz - The Hidden Light, Closing the Pandora Box, Judaism a religion for Soldiers, Covering up the Truth, A Jew may need peace and salvation, Judaism a holy prison, Resurrectionist or Fundamentalist, Happiness the Essence of Chassidism, Idolatry Today , The Universal God and the Jewish God, The Coming of the Messiah, Open minded Jews, The Good Influences of the World on the Jew, Evolution, Judaism, Christianity, Internet the Biggest Threat to Judaism since Christianity, Bastards in the Torah, Moses and the war with Amalek, The Good in Esau, Serve the nation


Orthodox Society or Free World

When a Jew is born on the eighth day he is circumcised. His parents have recognized that they are Jewish. Their new born son is Jewish. His mother is Jewish.

A Jew today has free choice. Circumcism is done on a child; the choice is made by the parents. When the child will grow up he will know that he is Jewish when he looks down at his circumcism. Jews did not always have free choice. Free choice came to Jews after the destruction of the temple. In the times of the Beit Hamikdash, a Jew was obligated by the Jewish government in all the commandments of the Torah. If he would refuse to keep these commandments, he would be punished. The parents of children during these times could force their children to keep the commandments. They would even be permitted to beat their son or daughter if they would not obey the law.

Orthodox Jewry accepts the law as if it hasn't changed. They are taught to surrender their free choice and accept the law the way it was in the times of the Beit Hamikdash. They are told that God has commanded the Jewish people to keep these commandments. They are told that there is no change today. The Jews are still commanded in the observance of these laws.

Reformed or progressive Judaism has rejected that they have no free choice today. There is no government like in the days of old to enforce these laws. Some reformed Jews have almost completely rejected the Torah. They have almost completely assimilated into the free world. Conservative Jewry have maintained many of the traditions but they feel that the law has changed. They have interpreted the law and accepted those traditions which they call Conservative Judaism.

Progressive Jewish spirituality recognizes the tradition is which based on the Oral law and the Shulcan Aruch the code of Jewish law, but have added onto the law spirituality, Progressive Jewish spirituality recognizes that the days of the Messiah have already arrived. Their philosophy is based on the Zohar which teaches that the last two thousand years of the creation of the world which is six thousand years is the time of the revelation of the Messiah. The world received the Messiah almost immediately when began the new age which was at the end of the second temple in Jerusalem. According to the Zohar the Jews were commanded to wait a thousand years before entering into the new age and the Free world.

The Jews already had a religion before the coming of the new age. The new age brought to the rest of the world religion mostly through Christian and Muslim faiths. The difference between Jews that live in the new age and the other people of the world is that the Jews have added freedom to their religion and have not begun from scratch like the other peoples of the world. Christians added to the Bible the New Testament but their religion is completely different than Judaism. Muslims have added the Koran to the Old Testament accepting the word of Mohammed as the last word of truth.

Most Orthodox Jews reject the New Age completely. They live in the new age and benefit from the freedom which the new age gives to mankind, but they are faced with guilt since their religion is Old Age. Old Age is dictatorship. New Age is freedom. The New Age gives freedom to the Orthodox Jews that practice their religion and the times haven't changed. However, there are conflicts between New Age and Old Age which can create hatred and anti-semitism.

The Old Age Orthodox teaches hatred for the New Age Christian and Muslim faiths. The New Age can tolerate hatred but only partially. If the hatred will lead to violence, the New Age cannot accept the Old Age. The world today is ruled by the New Age. There is freedom in the world. The Old Age cannot separate themselves completely from the New Age. They cannot rule their children and congregations as if they are living in the past.

Jews that have rejected the New Age completely and rejected the teachings of the Zohar pray three times a day to return to the Old Age. They pray to gain sovereignty of their nation and to build again the holy temple. Almost all Orthodox Jews have accepted Jewish law which rejects the New Age and the Zohar. Their prayers continue in the way that was established by the men of the Great Assembly. Some spiritual Jews have added to their prayers and changed in their prayers the divine intentions in the praise of the name of God. The Old way prays to God with the divine intention as the God of justice. In the old age justice precedes mercy. In the divine intentions of the New Age have been added onto the Old Age mercy which is in the name of God of four letters inscribed in the written Torah. When this name is written Mercy the name of God of four letters YHVH precedes and includes in it justice.

Most prayer books used in Orthodox Judaism continue with the divine intentions of the past without changing them according to the teachings of the Zohar. Only in Sephardic prayer books is the name of God written in this way according to the Zohar which has introduced to Judaism the New Age. These changes were made in the Sephardic world without giving them explanation. They were accepted through a miracle. The Ashkenazi world has not made these changes even after came Chassidism which is a New Age movement founded by Rabbi Israel Shem Tov in the 1700s in the Ukraine. The opposition to Chassidism amongst the Ashkenazi has inhibited them from making these changes. The Lubavitch Movement the most Messianic in the Chassidic world prays in the Old way. Their leader who they have declared to be the Messiah is to be a representative of the Old Way in the New Age.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe has spoken about the free world and even given it proper credentials and merits. However he himself and his followers continue in the Old Way. Lubavitch has benefited from the merits of the New Age. They have been given permission in the New Age to spread out their teachings to all places in the world. There is a Lubavitch center in almost every city in America. These centers are faced every day with the pressures of the New Age and freedom. There is opposition to Lubavitch from Reformed and Conservative Judaism. The free world gives them the right to do their work to prevent assimilation. However they have to be careful to spread only the love of God and the love of your neighbor and to disguise their inner hatred for the world and the free society.

Lubavitch claims that their Rebbe is the Messiah. They do not accept Jesus as the Messiah. They are living in a free world which has accepted Jesus as the Messiah. They are living on the mercy of freedom and the New Age. There are Jews that have accepted the Zohar philosophy of two Messiahs. Most Christians only believe in Jesus and no other Messiah. They believe that he is God, the trinity. The Messiah the Rebbe is a thorn in their back but in the free world he has power to work for Judaism. There are also followers of the Rebbe that make the claim that he is God. There is a conflict in the world of the two Messiahs but smart people accept the Zohar. The Zohar teaches that God is One and not the Messiah. The Messiah is important in the Old Age and the New Age whether it be the Messiah accepted by the whole world or the Messiah of the Jewish people. The main problem is with Orthodox Jews that still have not accepted the Messiah or the New Age. They are praying to return to Zion through war which is against humanity, justice and mercy. The way of the Zohar is to return to Zion in peace which is the way of the Old Age that includes in it the New Age.

Thirty six Righteous Souls in each generation

There are thirty six righteous saints in each generation. Some say that there are thirty six righteous saints in the land of Israel and thirty six outside Israel. Some say that there are thirty six righteous saints amongst other religions in the world; and thirty six righteous saints in the Jewish world. Judaism claims that they are all Jewish which is absurd. Judaism principally according to the Rambam is considered to be the only religion in the world. According to Judaism as the Rambam teaches there is no other way to God except through the Jewish people and the Torah.

The whole world accepts the Torah and Moses. The world will not accept that they have no connection to God without the Jewish people. Hinduism has saints that are completely devoted to God and preach World Unity and Peace. There are several Gurus in each generation that represent truth and they pray to God and to his name which is peace called by them Om. They practice meditation and seek to unite with God internally. They practice various types of Yoga. There is Yoga which unites with God through knowledge. There is Yoga which unites with God through prayer. There is Yoga that unites with God through doing good deeds. There is Yoga which unites with God through meditation and breath. The East is filled with spirituality. Many Jewish youth travel to India seeking spirituality principally liberation. The concept of liberation is very much emphasized in Yoga. Liberation means finding God. In Yoga people seek the knowledge of God called the supernal knowledge through an inner connection achieved through meditation and prayer. Their principal scripture is the Gita whose theme is the goal of finding truth. Peace is called Om. Truth is called Sat.

Christianity has thousands of priests and nuns which have given their lives for the sake of God. They travel all over the world to bring the people of the world the Bible and God. They believe Jesus is the Messiah. There is no question that there are many Christians that are completely sincere in their devotion. Some priests and nuns live on monasteries separating themselves completely from worldly life. Christianity is based on simple faith but there are special people representing Christianity that have reached perfection in knowledge and service. They accept also Judaism and Islam a true faiths.

The Muslim religion has also their own righteous saints that are not extremists. They believe in peace and also give respect to other religions including Judaism and Christianity. Muslims study the Koran and prayer five times a day. They go on pilgrimage to Mecca. They fast thirty days in the holiday of Ramadon. Jews observe only five fast days each year. Muslim religion is completely national religious believing in God and Islam. Judaism is also National religious believing in God and Israel.

God has brought religion to the world through his prophets of truth. Judaism which is the first religion on earth after the sin of the eating from the tree of knowledge, continues to produce holy saints in each generation. These holy saints devote themselves day and night to the study of Torah. In the last five hundred years has been added to Judaism mysticism which has united it with other faiths in the world. Today the Jews have their own separate religion based on Jewish law and spirituality which has entered into Judaism through Christianity. Most of the Kabballa is a product of Christianity.

Spirituality was added to Judaism after the destruction of the second temple. The product of spirituality are the two Messiahs of truth who are the Messiah the son of David principally following the Oral Torah which is completely Jewish; and the Messiah the son of Joseph who has been added to the Written Torah called the New Testament. The combination of the two Messiahs brings the world into Divine Unity to fulfill the prophecy "in this day God will be king of the whole earth, in this day God will be one and his name will be one."

The revelation of the two Messiahs is the product of six thousand years of biblical history. Fundamental Judaism based on the Oral law will not accept Christianity or any other religion. They will not accept that there are righteous saints in the world representing other religions. Christians especially Protestants will not accept the concept of two Messiahs. There are Christians today that are open minded and accept the saints of other religions including the Messiah of the Jewish people. The Zohar brings a universal light into Judaism. It also supports fundamental Judaism which means the Oral Torah. The Zohar gives respect to the righteous men of other faiths in the world that in many ways they are greater than Jews.

The Torah is both a specific light for Jews alone and a universal light for the whole world. There is the written Torah and the Oral Torah. The Messiah the son of David appears to be completely closed to all other faiths except for Judaism. Christian Jews have come to give respect to him and have been completely rejected by him. He has never recognized any other faith than Judaism. On the other hand, he has endorsed the learning of the Zohar which conflicts with the Oral law and fundamental Judaism. He has even given credit to those that believe in resurrection before the end of time which even the famous Kabbalist the Arizal rejected even though it is interwoven in the mystical doctrine of the Zohar. Because of these leniencies, the Messiah the son of David of the Jewish people has been confronted by fundamental religious Jewish leaders. Most of these Jewish leaders have not accepted him as the Messiah. They are still waiting for the coming of the Messiah. Even though they learn the Zohar they do not accept its teachings. They have modified the message of the Zohar which is World Unity and Peace to make it more compatible with Judaism based on the Oral Torah.

Amongst the thirty six righteous saints in the Jewish world and in the world of man there are two types of leaders. There are leaders which follow the fundamental way of their religion and those leaders which are open to all faiths. The example of the righteous man that through his humility has accepted all righteous prophets and saints is Moses. The Torah calls Moses the most humble man on the earth. The way to World Unity and Peace is through Moses. The Zohar has brought to the world the belief in the resurrection of Moses with the fathers of Israel to be the beginning of World Unity and Peace. Moses accepted in Numbers 11 two prophets Eldad and Medad to open the way for all of humanity to reach respect for all true faiths and all true leaders and prophets of the world.

Moses has resurrected with Jesus and Mohammed and are living under the holy temple. They are at peace with each other. World Unity and Peace is most important today. Moses has come back to life to bring World Unity and Peace, the unity of God on earth. This is also the will of the Messiah the son of David who lives forever. He is the king of the Jewish people and recognizes that World Unity and Peace is also for their benefit.

Ohr Haganuz - The Hidden Light

In the times of the Beit Hamikdash, the holy temple it was forbidden to reveal the hidden light called Ohr HaGanuz. Ohr HaGanuz the hidden spiritual light was revealed at Mount Sinai at the time of the revelation of God when was given the Ten Commandments. This light is also called the light of the fiftieth day. The Torah was given on the fiftieth day after the Jews were redeemed from Egypt on the Passover night when God smote the first born of Pharoah. The hidden light Ohr Haganuz is also related to the light of the eighth day which is the day of circumcism. The revelation of the eight light is the light of divine circumcism where it says in the Torah, "God your God will circumcise your hearts and the hearts of your children."

The Jewish people light on their holiday Chanukah a menorah or candelabra of eight candles. The holiday is in commemoration of the miracle which God did for the Jewish people in Jerusalem when they were miraculously able to defeat the Greeks who had entered and contaminated their second temple with idols and strange oils and incenses. When they entered the temple after the war, they found one can of oil sealed with the stamp of the High Priest of Israel and unopened by the Greeks. This can of oil which was for lighting the Menorah of the temple was made to burn for one day and burnt for eight days. The Menorah of eight candles and the harp of eight strings mentioned in Psalms 6 represent the Ohr Haganuz rhe hidden light which will be revealed at the end of time in the days of the Messiah. When the candelabra of Chanukah with eight candles are lit it is a custom to say "we have no permission to use these lights."

According to traditional Jewish thought and Jewish law, Ohr HaGanuz will be revealed at the end of time after will come the Messiah to rebuild the holy temple. This light is called also the light of the resurrection. The resurrection according to Jewish thought will come at the end of time. Each day in prayer three times a day the Jewish people praise God as the one who resurrects the dead. One of the thirteen principles of faith of the Rambam, Maimonides is to believe in the resurrection of the dead. In the prophecies of Isaiah and other prophets is mentioned the resurrection of the dead at the end of time.

Judaism was established at the times of King David and Solomon and by the men of the great assembly at the time of the rebuilding of the second temple. Moses gave over the law to Joshua who handed it down generation to generation. Jews are waiting for the Messiah and the resurrection of the dead. Until this time it is still prohibited to reveal the Ohr Haganuz. Throughout Jewish history there has been opposition to the strict prohibitions to reveal the hidden light - Ohr HaGanuz.

The hidden light Ohr HaGanuz was revealed at Mount Sinai. Because of the sin of the Golden Calf, the light of Ohr HaGanuz was hidden to be revealed at the end of time. The bible relates the generation of the wilderness where there were many miracles including receiving Manna food from heaven, water from a mystical well called the well of Miriam and the cloud of glory which followed the nation in the journeys for forty years until entering Israel. At the time of the generation of the wilderness was revealed to the Jewish people the Ohr Haganuz. Moses and his generation did not enter Israel but were left behind in wilderness.

There were remainders of the hidden light called Ohr HaGanuz which is also the light of prophecy in the times of Judges before was established the kingship of Israel. Moses gave instructions to Joshua that Ohr HaGanuz should be hidden when the nation will be established in Jerusalem and the temple will be built. During the time of Shoftim there was a war between the ten tribes of Israel with the tribe of Benjamin. The tribe of Benjamin represented the Kingship of Israel and the holy temple which would be eventually built in their portion in the land of Israel. The rest of Israel fought to preserve the remainder of the Ohr HaGanuz which was left over from the men of the generation of the wilderness. The men of the Kingship eventually conquered the land of Israel and the holy temple was built by Solomon, the son of King David. The Law of Moses was established in the land with the prohibition of revealing the Ohr Haganuz. The knowledge of Ohr HaGanuz remained only in the palace of the King and to his close followers. There was still prophecy in the land. In Psalms and the works of King Solomon are traces of Ohr Haganuz. After the nation of Israel was divided at the end of the reign of Solomon, Ohr Haganuz was almost completely lost. During the time of the second temple there was no longer prophecy in Israel. The time of Chanukah was during the time of the strict prohibition of revealing Ohr Haganuz.

Judaism was established by the Men of the Great Assembly at the time of the second temple. Ohr Haganuz the light of resurrection according to Jewish tradition will comes at the time of the coming of the Messiah who will rebuild the holy temple and reestablish the Torah nation. The Jewish people are waiting for the coming of the Messiah and for the resurrection of the dead. Chassidism is a messianic movement came after was revealed the Zohar the Book of Splendor in the 13th century. In the Zohar it says that the prohibition of revealing Ohr HaGanuz was for one thousand years after the destruction of the holy temple. The Zohar gave permission to begin to reveal the Ohr Haganuz. According to the Zohar no longer was it part of Judaism to wait for the Messiah; but also it became important to actively bring the Messiah. The founder of Chassidism, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov had a vision that he had met the Messiah in the Garden of Eden. The Messiah gave him instruction to spread the teaching of the Zohar to begin to reveal Ohr Haganuz.

Traditional Judaism still follows the teachings of Maimonides to wait for the coming of the Messiah. According to this tradition, it is still prohibited to reveal Ohr Haganuz. The Jews are waiting for the Messiah to reveal Ohr Haganuz who has not yet come.

Christianity claims that Jesus has already revealed Ohr Haganuz. According to Judaism accepting Jesus is rejecting the instructions of the Sanhedrin who have given strict instructions and guidelines for the coming of the Messiah. A Jew that believes in Jesus is called a traitor to his nation and its faith. Christianity has been an enemy to Judaism since it was accepted by the Romans and became a national religion. The Zohar clearly gives permission to reveal Ohr Haganuz and instructions how to bring the Messiah and reveal Ohr HaGanuz. Judaism is faced with a conflict between Messianic Judaism based on the Zohar and traditional Judaism which is still holding by the strict prohibitions of revealing Ohr Haganuz.

Ohr Ganuz is called the fiftieth gate of spiritual freedom. It is also the light and the Gate of Unity and Faith in God including the divine knowledge of God. It is the revelation of God which is spoken about by the prophets, "The Whole world will be filled with the knowledge of God" In this day God will be king of the whole earth, in this day God will be One and his name will be One."

Closing the Pandora Box

The Torah is compared to a Pandora box which has in it all of the secrets of God. The Written Torah was given to the Jewish people closed with the instructions to do the commandments and to know the secrets of God. The Oral Torah was instructed by Moses to the Jewish people through his student Joshua and through the elders. They entered into Israel carrying with them the two tablets of the Ten Commandments and the Torah scroll called the five books of Moses.

Moses understood the deep secrets hidden within the precepts in the law. The performance of these precepts did not demand to know the secrets hidden within them. These secrets were protected by the Sanhedrin and were known only in the palace of the king. There were prophets that knew these secrets like Samuel who was considered to be great like Moses. During the first temple there were other prophets whose works have been published. During the period of the second temple there were no longer prophets. The secrets hidden in the Torah were closed up like a Pandora box without a key or combination to open them.

The sages preferred to keep these secrets hidden throughout the period of the diaspora. They handed down to the future generation the fundamentals to continue the religion while in exile. The Jews had to wait for the coming of the Messiah who would bring them back to Israel. They were instructed to believe in God and the Messiah with simple faith. Strict prerequisites were given to know the Messiah before accepting him as their king.

Close to the time of the destruction of the second temple was born a sage who claimed to be the Messiah. The Sanhedrin rejected him and even prosecuted him as a false Messiah according to Jewish law which is punishable by death. He was crucified by the Romans on the night of Passover. The Pandora box opened three days after his burial when he resurrected and disappeared. He could not be accepted as the King Messiah of Israel because he had been killed but he was accepted as king the Messiah by the whole world.

The Jews refused to accept Jesus as their Messiah, their savior but the whole world knew that he was the true Messiah which had been spoken about by the prophets. The Jews were in a difficult position having sentenced Jesus to death the Messiah of the world. They were blamed for the cruelty of his death and given an ultimatum either convert or be killed. Jews lived through the crusades, the Spanish inquisition, pogroms until today anti-semitism related to the killing of the God of the gentiles Jesus Christ the Messiah.

If not for the Jews and their strict law which governed their nation until the time of the destruction of the second temple, Jesus would not have been crucified which is an important part of his claim to greatness that he suffered while on the cross. When he resurrected, this should have brought forgiveness to the Jews for killing him and for the sins of all mankind. All mankind was forgiven, but the Jews were still and are always blamed for their sin.

Jesus Christ is a Pandora box which was opened by accident by Jews. The whole world received from this box the light of God called in Jewish Mysticism Ohr HaGanuz, the light which was hidden in the beginning of creation to be revealed at the end of time to the righteous. On the holiday of Chanukah which falls out close to Christmas is lit in the windows of Jewish homes a candelabra of eight candles. Historically these eight candles are lit to commemorate the miracle that when the Maccabees through bravery and guerilla warfare regained control of the holy temple in Jerusalem, they found only one can of oil which had remained pure for lighting the temple Menorah, candelabra. One can of oil could burn 24 hours but this can of oil burnt for eight days until they made new fresh oil. Eight candles are lit on the holiday on the Chanukah Menorah to publicize this miracle. By accident the light of eight candles is compared to the light of the Messiah corresponding to the number eight which will be revealed at the end of time. There are some that say that the lighting of the Chanukah Menorah of eight candles was a prohibition and warning to future generations not to open the Pandora box of the Messiah to reveal the Ohr HaGanuz. After lighting the Menorah is recited the words "we have no permission to use these lights."

Jesus came just before the destruction of the second temple about a hundred years later to open up the Pandora box containing the light of mercy of God. This light brought happiness to the world and sadness and suffering to Jews. Jews continued to pray for the Messiah to bring them out of exile and end their persecution from anti-Semites that blamed them for killing Jesus. Only through the coming of the Messiah, could this Pandora box be closed up and its fire extinguished.

Judaism continued its tradition to fight against revealing Ohr HaGanuz and false messiahs. They practiced the Torah with simple faith according to the instructions of their rabbinical leaders. The persecution of Jews in Europe continued through the crusades, inquisition and pogroms. Rambam the greatest of sages in the times of the Rishonim up until 1200 AD calls Christianity idolatry. All the Jewish authorities of his age on Torah law also hold that Christianity is idolatry. Christians pray before a statue of Jesus on the cross which is a prohibition in the Torah. Judaism is against Christianity and Christianity is against Judaism. There is no one who can close this Pandora box of the light of eight, the Ohr haganuz, the light of God.

Hitler tried to close the Pandora box by killing all the Jews and also later to kill all Christians who were not faithful to him. Hitler failed in his mission to make the whole world atheist.

A book of Jewish mysticism The Zohar was found in Spain in the 1300's which was written shortly after the destruction of the holy temple. In this book contained the secret of the Messiah. Only through studying this book could the Pandora box finally be closed. The Zohar teaches that the Messiah will come peacefully without war. The walls of Jerusalem will not even be necessary to protect the city. The Chochomim, the wise men of Israel learned the Zohar and began the work in the direction of revealing the Messiah, the son of David. In the interim came several false messiah including Sabbatei Tzvi who almost was completely accepted by the Jewish people. The Jewish people suffering the exile were impatient. The hope for the Messiah was not lost completely. In the 1700's began a new Messianic movement based upon the Zohar and the Kabballa under the leardership Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov. Chassidism began to flourish in Europe under opposition from Jewish fundamentalists which objected to the spreading of the Kabballa to the masses. They also were afraid of another Shabtei Tzvi.

After seven generations of Chabad Chassdism, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson the Lubavitcher Rebbe has finally closed the Pandora box. The Rebbe explained his technique of fire-extinquishing; he began to build vessels to receive the light of Ohr HaGanuz through the learning of the inner teachings of the Torah. The Rebbe completed the work which had begun by Baal Shem Tov and Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Chabad Chassidism. The Arizal, who lived in Sefat about 500 years ago wrote works on Kabballa to initiate the building of vessels for the receiving the light of Ohr HaGanuz.

The secret of the Messiah of the Zohar is that there are two Messiahs with two lights of Ohr HaGanuz. They are both eternal lights. The first light of Ohr HaGanuz had already been revealed the Messiah the son of Joseph, and needed the second light the Messiah the son of David for the sake of vessels to control this light and make it holy. The Zohar explains exactly the right combination of these two lights of Ohr HaGanuz their sources and together they make the name of God which is Shalom and Peace. The crowning of the Messiah the son of David the Lubavitcher Rebbe is the final seal on truth, the seal which completes the whole Torah to become available to all mankind to be forever the connection between God and his kingship. The Torah is the word of God on earth. Truth is revealed through the two Messiahs, combining the unity of God on earth with Israel the kingship of God called the upper and lower unities proclaimed two times each day by Jews Hear O Israel the Lord is your God the lord is one. Blessed be the name of his kingship forever.

Judaism a religion for Soldiers

The children of Israel left the slavery of Egypt with a strong hand and an outstretched arm under the leadership of Moses. They approached the Red Sea. The Egyptian Army chased after them to recapture them and return them to Egypt. God split for the Jewish people the Red Sea. They crossed safely the Red Sea. The chariots of Pharoah entered these waters believing that they could also cross over them. The waters closed on them and they drowned in the sea. The Jews escaped officially Egypt.

The children of Israel men woman and children with their cattle left Egypt and entered the wilderness. They were the army of God. They fought battles in the wilderness with the other nations before coming to the borders of the land of Israel then called Kenaan. They crossed over the river Jordan under the leadership of Joshua, conquered the seven nations living in the land of Israel. Finally the conquest was completed by King David. King Solomon the son of David had sovereignty over the land of Israel and its surroundings. He built in Jerusalem the holy temple. Israel was nation with a law living peacefully in its own land with a holy temple standing in Jerusalem the center of the presence of God in the world.

According to the law of Moses which governed the country, each man at the age of 20 were drafted or enlisted into the army. Woman and those from the tribe of Levi were exempt from military service. Besides the army there was also the civil service and police who enforced the law in the country. Each citizen was considered obligated to be a civil servant to rebuke their neighbor for violation of the Torah the law of the nation, like it is commanded in the Torah, "rebuke, rebuke" (two times mentioned for emphasis.) The sages interpreted this to mean even a hundred times.

There was no one in Israel who was not enlisted in civil or military service men, woman and children. Judaism and the Torah made all Jews soldiers of God. When the Jews left Israel they are called in the language of the Torah, "Soldiers of God that went out of Egypt." The nation of Israel exists until today in the merit of the faithful soldiers of God and the Torah that support the nation even in the times of the exile. The Jewish people are One Nation under God living according to the law of Moses.

When the nation of Israel was established Jerusalem the capital, the whole world were its enemies. The other nations surrounding Israel to become friends of Israel would have to accept the law of Moses which gives Israel sovereignty. In the law of Moses is included the seven major commandments for the children of Noah. Transgressors on these seven commandments when living in the borders of the land were subject to punishment even death. The nation of Israel fought battles with the nations surrounding it to maintain its sovereignty. King Solomon tried other tactics to gain sovereignty through intermarrying within these nations which failed. He took for a wife the daughter of Pharoah and other wives and concubines from the other nations which lead to his downfall. King Solomon had a thousand wives.

The army of Israel was strong. It was strengthened by the devotion of the people to the Torah and God. Strict laws were decreed by the Sanhedrin to prohibit any relationships between men and woman out of wedlock. The people were encouraged to have large families and to educate the children in the Law of the Nation. The nation needed soldiers to defend their borders. They needed civil servants to protect the nation from within. They were also strict about allowing their children to learn Jewish Mysticism. They would first have to marry and have a family and serve in the army before they would be allowed to study in schools of prophecy. There is a custom amongst Ashkenzai Rabbinical congregations not to study the Kabballa until the age of forty which may be based on the Oral Torah tradition from Sinai. Kabballa, Jewish Mysticism, and spirituality especially the spirituality called Mercava, divine chariot can interfere with Jews that have the work of defending their country in the army and raising their children to be soldiers of God devoted to the nation of Israel.

At one point in Jewish history, all types of spirituality except for the learning of the law were abolished. As a result there were no longer prophets in the time of the second temple or if there were prophets they were controlled strictly by the law enforcement. As the nation became more unstable which began shortly after the reign of Solomon more emphasis was placed on The Jew the Soldier of God defender of the nation and less emphasis on spiritual freedom and spiritual enlightenment. The nation of Israel split into two parts at the end of the reign of King Solomon. The strength of the law was weakened. The nation was beginning to fall.

In Torah law, Jews are soldiers of God and its nation Israel. The law also gives a place for a Jew to seek out spiritual enlightenment besides studying the law. The Torah teaches, "You should know and take onto your hearts that God is Elokim in the singular and plural sense. There is a place for peace Shalom in Judaism and not only war. The Soldier of God is a very important part of Judaism but there is also a place in Judaism for the man of peace. The aspect of man of peace was most emphasized by the prophets as the way of the future.

When the nation fell spiritually because or internal and external pressures in the time of the temple and after the destruction of the second temple, the man of peace became an enemy of the nation. These pressures created a conflict of interests between survival of the nation which needs soldiers who are Torah scholars and spiritual enlightened Jews whose main interest is unity of God on earth. The religious leaders of the Jewish people today recognize that there is a serious conflict of interests which exists from the time of the destruction of the temple. They are trying to solve this problem. Judaism which is only concerned about itself is not a servant of God like it is supposed to be. Like it says in the end of the Ethics of the Father, "All that God created in his world, he didn't create only for his glory. Like it says, Everything that is called in my name and for my glory, I have created, formed and made. And it says, God will reign forever."

Serving the nation and being soldiers of the nation is secondary to the purpose of the revelation of the name of God on earth which is Shalom. This is the message of the Zohar.

Covering up the Truth

Jews have a great heritage more than any other people on the planet earth. The whole Bible is devoted to the story of the Jewish people. The Jewish people initiated the presence of God in the world. Mankind had forgotten God their creator before Mount Sinai when the Jewish people received the Ten Commandments.

In the course of Jewish history there have been several setbacks. God made the Jewish people his pride and joy forever. The first major setback in the development of Jewish history was in Genesis 37: where the Bible describes the disgusting event in Jewish history where the brothers of Joseph tried to kill him out of jealousy. The older brother Reuven discouraged them from killing him and instead they threw him into a pit, and sold him to an Egyptian caravan. The whole situation was later rectified when through a miracle Joseph became the minister of Economics of Egypt and saved his family from the famine which struck the whole world in those times.

However within the Jewish people remains a conflict of interests connected to the approach toward service of God. Jacob the father of Joseph and his brothers understood very well the source of this conflict. He gave preference to Joseph by giving him special a coat of many colors. Jacob also understood the other side of the brothers that they were interested in maintaining unity within the family which Joseph refused to accept. Joseph was an individual. He couldn't hide his unique qualities which eventually brought him into the kingship of Pharoah.

A second event in history of the Jewish people was the sin of the Golden Calf. Moses like Jacob desired for his people to have spiritual freedom. He wanted that individuals within the nation would continue prophecy throughout their history. Like the brothers of Joseph objected to his behavior, the people objected to a government with a law that would allow spiritual freedom and prophecy to live within the nation. They built the Golden Calf to represent their desire for a nation with a temple for bringing sacrifices restricting spiritual freedom. The whole nation would follow the Law of Moses and be restricted from making any changes within the law based on prophecy. Priests were given more honor within the nation than other people. Scholars were given respect even above prophets. The law will never change so there will never be a need for prophecy other than the prophecy of Moses. In this type of religious and political system special souls like Joseph would be restricted from revealing themselves out of fear of the administration.

Moses gave the people the law of the second tablets after he had already broken the first tablets when he saw them build the Golden Calf. The first tablets were for Joseph and for the king the Messiah. In the second tablets the nation would exist without the Messiah.

When the Men of the great Assembly saw that the two temples would eventually be destroyed and that their nation would be conquered, they made special prayers for the coming of the Messiah to return the nation to its former glory to continue the law of the nation given to them by Moses. They knew that there was the threat of the coming of a Messiah bringing to the nation spiritual freedom who would change the law. If this Messiah would come, according to their instructions he would be called a false messiah. They feared the threat of the coming of a soul like Joseph into the world. Just like the brothers opposed Joseph and tried to kill him, so also they would make it impossible for a Messiah from the soul source of Joseph to take rule over the nation.

Another event in Jewish history which brought upon the Jewish people abundant sufferings is when Jesus came into the world preaching spiritual freedom and was prosecuted by the Sanhedrin and executed by the Romans for being a false prophet and a false Messiah. As a result the Jewish people have been cut off from the world. They have been forced to separate themselves from the world. The Sanhedrin wanted it to be this way and they had already planned to keep their nation separate, a separate nation with a separate religion.

Through hatred between the two sides, the Jewish people have been able to exist as a separate nation until today. Even mentioning the name of Jesus amongst Jewish circles is dangerous. Christians have tried to convert Jews to Christianity throughout the ages. The battle between Jew and Christian continues in Israel and throughout the world.

Pope Francis has taken a new approach toward uniting the world with Jesus through non-violence. Jews and other people in the world are not being forced by Pope Francis to convert. Pope Francis has even admitted that Christianity is not the only way like Christians had always claimed. The Pope has accepted Judaism as well as Islam.

The main reason for the conflict between Christian and Jewish religions is not because of the pressure of Christian missionaries but because of a weakness in the leadership of Jews. If the Jewish religion was stronger there would not be any conflict at all. The fact that the Jews are waiting for the Messiah and the Christians already claim to have the Messiah has been the reason for this conflict.

The Zohar presented a solution to Christian and Jewish hatred the Messiah the son of David. The Zohar speaks about the Messiah the son of Joseph for spiritual freedom and develops the revelation of the Messiah the son of David. While Christians claim that their Messiah resurrected after three days like Jonah was in the belly of the whale; the Jews today have accepted the Messiah the son of David as the servant of God that never died like Elijah the prophet. The Zohar describes the Messiah the son of David in this way. The Zohar writes that King David is considered to be forever alive. The Messiah the son of David is a Jewish national Messiah while the Messiah the son of Joseph is the Messiah of the whole world. The Messiah the son of Joseph is called the son of God while the Messiah the son of David is called the servant of God.

Jews have always covered up these events in Jewish history as if they never occurred. They have always denied Jesus as the Messiah since they continue to wait for the Messiah each day. They continue to pray for the coming of the Messiah. Jews have suffered spiritually as a result of this conflict. Judaism lacks spiritual freedom which is in Christianity.

Chassidism a new spiritual movement in Judaism has tried to produce another Jesus but there is none else. Instead Chassidism has succeeded to produce a second Messiah the Messiah the son of David the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Jesus may have been a true Messiah but he was not God like Christians claimed. God created the world with two Messiahs that have today been revealed. Both are not God. They both might claim to be God but one cancels out the other. There is a Messiah for spiritual freedom and a Messiah for faith in the Torah and the belief in God that is above the knowledge of man to know. The mercy of God is revealed through Jesus and the justice of God through the Messiah the son of David. God is both merciful and just a combination of the two Messiahs. The cover up continues today on both sides. The Christians cover up that there is also a Messiah the King of Israel, the Messiah the son of David. Jews cover up that they may have sinned by not giving Jesus freedom.

A Jew may need peace and salvation

Traditionally in Judaism there is never a moment of peace. There is always work to be done. Woman have the work in the home raising the children and men have the work of learning Torah day and night. About this it says in Talmud, Torah Scholars have no menucha or relaxation not in this world or in the next." A Jew never has time to be bored. The Jew has Shabbat each seventh day but the Shabbat is interrupted when the new week comes. He makes the prayer during the grace after meals, "the Lord the merciful one should send to us the day that is the complete Shabbat rest and eternal life. Even Shabbat entails work including preparations, prayers three time a day, work with the family, light work in the home cleaning up between meals etc. Shabbat is a lot of work, the holidays are even more work. There is a need for peace and salvation, spiritual rest in the life of the Jew.

There is work in this world making a family, raising the children, providing a livelihood for the wife and family, learning the Torah and keeping the commandments. The day starts for the Jew when in his bed before rising he thanks God for returning his soul after sleep. He washes his hands immediately. He cleans his body and mouth to begin to recite the blessings of the morning.

He attends synagogue services which may last one hour. It is good to learn Torah immediately after prayers. Many people learn the Chok Yisrael which was organized by Rabbi Chaim Vital. The Chok Yisrael includes in it all parts of the Torah to give a person a taste of the whole Torah each day. It may take a half hour or more to read and learn the whole Torah portion in Chok Yisrael of the day. Then the man goes home to eat breakfast before going to work. He recites blessings on the food and says grace after meals.

The day has begun. The man is off to work to sometimes to learn in a Collel. He does this routine each day. There is also a night schedule for spending time with the children and maybe going to learn in the Beth Medrash. Some people include in their daily schedule prayers at midnight.

The Torah says that a person should work six days and on the seventh day he should rest. On Friday the man returns home from work to receive the Shabbat.

Jewish life is very simply planned. There are always problems in life like livelihood and health problems. There are problems raising children. There are also emotional problems in Jewish life which may take away from the joy of keeping Torah and mitzvos. Solving these emotional problems make Jewish life complicated. Judaism is mostly work oriented. It lacks spiritual healing which becomes important when these emotional problems reach to the level of overwhelming.

Solving emotional problems is part of the yoke of heaven. It is a commandment in the Torah to watch over your health. Health includes in it mental health. When making a prayer in the synagogue for health called Refuah Shelaima emotional health is mentioned even before physical health.

Prayer alone is not always a solution when emotional problems develop in a Jew's life. Prayer can always help but a person may need also counseling. People with emotional problems may go to a psychologist, therapist or even to a psychiatrist if it is necessary. The psychiatrist may give pills to calm the person until the problems are solved.

Chassidism has gone deeper in the use of prayer to help heal emotional problems. Breslov Chassidism give private individual prayer called Hitboddidut as an answer for solving emotional problems. In this type of prayer you speak to God and ask God for individual help. There are prayers already written of this sort called Likutei Tefilot and each person is encouraged to make his own requests and prayers to God for one hour each day.

The answers to these problems very often come from within. God helps people when they are in despair. Through these problems may be opened up from within the salvations from God. The salvations from God are not part of Judaism. Judaism is the work of making for God a dwelling place in the world through the keeping of the Torah and its commandments. The salvation of God is in a different category connected to the inner soul. When the inner soul opens up it becomes important for a person to understand and to know himself. The Zohar and Chassidic works help a person to understand himself and to know God from within. Knowing God from within is also connected to knowing the Messiah. The Messiah is hidden and reveals himself in times of trouble. This aspect of the Messiah is foreign from Judaism. The Messiah which Jews are taught to wait and pray for is for the sake of the nation of Israel to return the nation to its previous glory. The Messiah that helps the Jew through difficult times of emotional stress is another connection to God than the connection to God through the Torah and its commandments.

Therefore naturally may Jews have two connections to God, the connection to God through the Torah and the personal connection to God which came through the salvation of God the Messiah. The Messiah which brings to people their salvations on the emotional level change over their darkness to light, sadness to happiness can be called the Messiah the son of Joseph. Jews pray for the Messiah three times a day who is the Messiah the son of David. The Zohar teaches that there are two Messiahs which are the Messiah the son of David and the Messiah the son of Joseph. The Zohar adds that Moses today is alive to connect the Jewish people to both Messiahs to bring to every Jew the complete redemption.

From God comes salvation like is said each day "we wait for the salvation of the Lord." Jews are afraid to relate their salvation to the Messiah the son of Joseph who reveals himself to people in times of need. The Messiah the son of Joseph is the inner infinite light of God which heals the soul, like it says in Psalms 26, "God is my light and my savior." Jews have been taught that there is only one Messiah who will come at the end of days. The Zohar has revealed two Messiahs a new hidden light. Even more frightening for the Jew is to think that Jesus is the Messiah the son of Joseph, the savior and spiritual healer.

Jews have been programmed to be soldiers of the Almighty. There is shame for a Jew to need the healing of the Messiah the son of Joseph, the infinite healing light of God.

Judaism a holy prison

When Judaism was established in the times of the Bible, there was no freedom. All the laws of the nation were called commandments of God. Violation of these commandments were punishable by death, excommunication, stripes. The King ruled the nation along with a Congress of Religious Judges called the Sanhedrin. There were police to enforce the law and soldiers to defend the country.

The borders of the land of Israel were protected. To leave the country to receive a visa to go out of the country with a passport you would need the permission of the authorities. There were only specific reason according to the law to leave the country including to find a suitable mate, for a spiritual reason like to write a Torah, or sometimes to learn Torah by a sage that lived abroad after the destruction of the first temple when learning centers were established in Babel. Priests remained in the land not to be contaminated by the dead in their travels. Many of these laws are continued today in Jewish law but of course are not enforced. Before leaving the State of Israel today you have to go through border control. For many reasons people are stopped at the borders and prevented from leaving the country. Woman can claim that their husbands are abusing them and file for a divorce. They have also the right to prevent their husbands from leaving the country until is completed the divorce procedure.

Jewish law has strict restrictions on men and woman which prohibits pre-marital sex. Before having these relations it is required to marry which means under the canopy called Chupah and through Kiddushim the marriage ceremony. In the times of the temple, people that had pre-marital relations were punished with stripes. These relations did not have to be forbidden relationships like sex with a married woman, or other incest relationship. The punishment for these relationships were much more severe since they were forbidden in the Torah for Jews and gentiles. The prohibition of pre-marital sex with a single woman not married was a rabbinical decree. Two singles were prohibited even to be alone in a house with the door closed. The Sanhedrin had a good reason for making these severe decrees but today they may not be in effect according to Jewish law. The majority of rabbinical judges still prohibit all relationships out of wedlock including relationships between senior citizens who will not have children. People who fall in love are not free to be together in Jewish law.

Judaism still teaches that it is the only true religion in the world. It rejects Christianity, Muslim religion as authentic. Their prophets are called false prophets. Christianity is called idolatry because they pray using a statue of the Messiah. Muslim religion is rejected because Mohammed preached that his law is the law of God. Hinduism and Bhuddism is also called idolatry because they pray or meditate using statues of Bhudda or their mentors. In effect Jewish law isolates the Jew from the rest of the world. This may be an effective technique to preserve the Jewish family the children of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. The Jewish family has survived only because of its religion which has isolated them from the rest of the world. However, many Jews have objected to being held in a religious prison and have found ways to leave Judaism. Today the reformed and conservative Jewish movements have become a refuge for Jews seeking freedom. As a result, these families which have strayed from Judaism assimilate after several generations. Only through the strictness of the Oral law, has the Jewish nation survived until today. At the same time Jewish life for the Orthodox is not always pleasant. Orthodox Jews are faced with many types of problems caused by the strictness of their religion. The Rabbis have not been able to find a solution heal their feelings of being in a Jewish prison without the Messiah. There is a natural instinct in a human being to want freedom. Judaism calls this natural instinct the evil inclination.

The Zohar which was discovered in Spain about eight hundred years ago gave an answer to the problems of the religious Jew feeling imprisoned by the strictness of Torah law. The Zohar offered the Jew spiritual freedom without changing most of the laws. The Zohar claimed to be the way the stringencies of the Torah can be sweetened with mercy. Most Rabbinical Judges have not accepted the philosophy of the Zohar. They feel that freedom which the Zohar offers is against Judaism and a danger to its survival. The Zohar brings a different concept of the Messiah from which is brought in traditional Judaism. In traditional Judaism, the Messiah will come to reinforce the Torah way of the past. The Messianic dream of traditional Judaism is to rebuild the Jewish prison that has deteriorated after the destruction of the second temple and to rebuild the temple through the coming of the Messiah. Traditional Judaism did not accept a Messiah who would change the law or make Jewish life more pleasant. They rejected in the past the Messiah who would bring to Judaism spiritual freedom.

Judaism has survived many false Messiahs throughout its history. Jewish law has strictly forbidden Jews to accept these new directions promised by false Messiahs. The Messiah promised in the Oral Torah has not yet come. Jews according to tradition are waiting each day and praying three times a day for his coming. The Hope for the Jewish Messiah which has not come has kept the Jewish Family nation together during the diaspora. The Jews are still in the Jewish prison but the nation and religion survives.

Resurrectionist or Fundamentalist

There are two types of people. There are people that think a lot and ask questions introspective. There are people that are not looking deep and accept things easily. These two types of souls exist in the world in the Jewish world and amongst all humanity.

Fundamentalists easily accept their religion. They learn about their religion when they are young children and accept it as their obligation in life. They have no reason to question their mentor whether he be a Rabbi or a priest.

Resurrectionist are always seeking to know. They are seeking spirituality. Resurrectionists find difficulty accepting religion without spirituality. They have the need for inner peace which is related to resurrection. They are looking for truth.

Fundamentalists are work oriented and not thinkers. They like to always be busy. Judaism is principally for fundamentalists. There are thousands of books to learn on Jewish law as well as activities each day which are the commandments of action. Each day they go to the synagogue to pray. They wear their phylacteries and prayer shawl during prayer. Jewish prayer can be quite lengthy taking over an hour. After prayer there is learning. In Judaism you are always doing. There is no idle time in Judaism. The commandment of learning Torah is day and night. The Torah is less strict on woman but woman by nature are fundamentalist. They know how to keep busy the whole day. They only rest when they are tired.

Resurrectionists rebel against having to be busy day and night. They enjoy rest and relaxation. At the time of rest and relaxation they feel close to God not only when they are active doing religious acts of kindness. Fundamentalists do not have time for rest and relaxation. They prefer to be busy doing things. They are workers; they are soldiers. They go out into life to become rich or maybe to become a Rabbi.

Judaism is mostly for fundamentalists but not all Jews are fundamentalist souls. There are also resurrectionist souls amongst the Jewish people. Resurrection souls in Judaism even though they may be considered more spiritual prefer not to become Rabbis. Fundamentalists it is their goal to become a Talmid Chochom, Rabbi, or religious judge which demands a lot of work and a lot of time. Not all people are capable of reaching these levels of fundamental Judaism. Judaism commands the way of fundamental Jewish life and might even forbid the resurrectionist souls to reach their goals which are spiritual freedom which comes from knowledge of God. Like Rabbi Nachman of Breslov taught "the world is a narrow bridge." Also other religions are also narrow paths. They also restrict and attempt to make their children Orthodox fundamental within their own religion.

Resurrectionist souls believe in the resurrection before the end of time. They are impatient and need religion with resurrection and spirituality. Some Rabbis consider these people sick. Healthy Jews are fundamentalist souls, soldiers of God. There is a place for resurrectionist souls in the Torah where it says regarding the holiday of Succot, "All citizens of Israel should dwell in their tents." The supernal light of the holiday of Succoth also includes in it fundamentalist Jews which is connected to the commandment to take the Lulav branch. The holiday of Succoth unites both resurrectionist and fundamentalist civilians and soldiers. The Levites were not drafted into the army. The Torah made a place for resurrectionists. Today there are no separations amongst Jews according to their tribes and jobs within the nation of Israel. There are still Levites in the nation who are resurrectionists.

Passover is almost completely fundamentalist. The first night of the holiday is both fundamentalist and resurrectionist. It is a commandment to recline at the Seder table which is resurrectionist. On the first night of Passover the Jews went out of Egypt where they were slaves for 210 years. The rest of the holiday until the holiday of Shevuot which is the fiftieth day after Passover is fundamentalist. The Jews are working toward the holiday of Shevuot and the giving of the Torah. On the holiday of Lag Bomer on the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer, is celebrated the memorial of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai who wrote the Zohar which is a day of resurrection for all of Israel. The Zohar reveals the secret of the resurrection.

The holiday of Shevuot is in its source a day of resurrection. However on the night of Shevuot before the giving of the Torah it is a custom to stay up all night and learn Torah which is fundamentalist. On the night of the giving of the Torah, there was revealed the secret of the revival of the dead.

Judaism has always been fundamentalist religion. The deep secrets called the hidden light were always kept hidden. Only in the last seven hundred years has there become an interest in the Kabballa after was revealed the Zohar. The Kabballa is learned mostly without interest in knowing its secrets but just on its simple level. Most people read from the Zohar without understanding the text in the way of fundamentalist. A resurrectionist sees the Zohar as proof that Judaism includes in it resurrection. The Arizal took from the Zohar and made Kabballa special for fundamentalists. His Kabballa requires intensive learning which is for fundamentalists. The deep secrets of the Kabballa are left over for the future when will be revealed the resurrection. Resurrectionists find it difficult to wait until the end of time for the resurrection. They want the resurrection now. They want Moshiach Now. The resurrection will be revealed at the time of Moshiach.

The conflict between fundamentalist and resurrectionist has always existed in Judaism. The nation became split in the times of the wilderness. The resurrectionists called the men of the wilderness, the men of the generation of supernal knowledge were left over to die in the wilderness with Moses, Aharon and Miriam. The bible relates that they led a completely spiritual life. Their children entered the land of Israel to begin a new generation of fundamentalist Jews. The way of resurrectionist was slowly and almost completely removed from the nation. At the time of King David it was made completely prohibited to spread and teach about the resurrection and the supernal knowledge which was left behind in the wilderness recorded in the written Torah. Decrees were made to prevent the nation from returning to fundamentalist. There were always being born resurrectionist souls in the nation. These souls had to suffer and adopt the fundamentalist Orthodox religious law.

In the time of the second temple, the resurrectionist movement became stronger and battled for power over the nation with the fundamentalists the Pharisees. The holiday of Chanukah is a celebration of the victory of the Pharisees, the Maccabees over the Greeks and resurrectionists. The Pharisees made the holiday of Chanukah a celebration of its victory through the lighting of a candelabra in the window of eight lights. The holiday stressed strict observance of the commandments like was taught by fundamentalists. Instead of using polluted oil to light the menorah of the temple which could have been permitted, they used one can of pure oil which lasted for eight days. This was to be a lesson for future generations to follow the law strictly without looking for leniency which was the way of the resurrectionists. They also may it clear that the light of eight candles which is the light of the resurrection is forbidden to use. After the candle lighting ceremony is said "We have no permission to use these lights." Resurrection spirituality was a threat to the nation.

The light of the resurrection was revealed by the prophet Jesus. Ezekiel and Isaiah the prophets had already spoken about his coming in his prophecy. Christianity did not come to replace Judaism. The proof of this is that after came Christianity began the religion which was started by Mohammed which was fundamentalist. Ezekiel is his prophecies spoke about uniting the two ways fundamentalist with resurrectionist. This is called the unity of Judah with Joseph; the unity of the Messiah the son of David with the Messiah the son of Joseph.

When the Zohar was revealed the Torah scholars were very surprised and even overwhelmed. They had always been taught that there was only one way in Judaism which is fundamentalist. The Zohar taught about uniting fundamentalist with resurrectionist. The Zohar created many problems for Rabbis teaching Jewish law according to the strict fundamentalist doctrine. They had to choose whether to destroy the text of the Zohar which was discovered in Spain in the year 1300. Every Jew wanted the Messiah. The people were suffering over a thousand years of exile. It was the time of the Spanish Inquisition. The author of the Zohar showed great Torah scholarship which impressed fundamentalist Rabbis. However the Zohar included in it resurrectionist ideas connected to Jewish mysticism which were unknown and foreign to Torah Scholars. These Torah Scholars gave respect to the text of the Zohar and decided to learn it before making a judgement about whether it should be accepted amongst fundamentalists.

In the city of Sefad in the Galilee began a center for the learning of Kabballa based on the Zohar. At the same time in Sefad Torah Scholars continued to organize Jewish law under the leadership of Rabbi Joseph Caro the author of the Code of Jewish law, the Shulcan Aruch. These were two schools in Sefad fundamentalist learning prinicipally the law and resurrectionist studying the Zohar. The greatest of Kabbalists of this time was the Arizal. The Arizal in his works on Kabballa modified the texts of the Zohar that it should become part of fundamentalist Judaism. He also made special customs to include teachings which were in the Zohar. The Zohar was accepted by fundamentalists according to the way interpreted by the Arizal. There is a difference between the Kabballa of the Arizal and the Zohar. The Zohar is resurrectionist and the Kabballa of the Arizal is fundamentalist. The Arizal rejected sections of the Zohar which were connected to resurrection. He did not accept Raya Mehemna sections of the Zohar which were taught by Moses to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in its simple context where Moses had already resurrected in preparation for the resurrection of the dead.

In the Zohar the secrets of the Torah are taught by Raya Mehemna who is Moses and by Elijah the prophet. In the book of Kings it is recorded that Elijah the prophet did not die but went up into heaven on a cloud. Fundamentalist accept this concept. In the Talmud it even teaches that Elijah comes to learn with Torah scholars also the secrets of the Torah and also the laws of the Torah. The concept which is in the Zohar of Moses returning to learn Torah is a new concept. In Deuteronomy, the last section of the Torah records the death of Moses. He lived 120 years. His burial place is unknown. At the end of his life he went up on the mountain of Nevo and disappeared. Some say that like Elijah Moses did not die. However his death is recorded in the Torah.

The Arizal did not accept Raya Mehemna in the Zohar to be taken literally as resurrection. In closely examining the texts of the Zohar related to Raya Mehemna there are hints of resurrection. Moses is called son of God in these texts. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai relates to Moses that he is now perfect, more perfect than before his death. The Zohar is definitely resurrectionist.

Sephardic schools of Kabballa learn prinicipally Arizal and not Zohar. Their approach is almost completely fundamentalist. The Arizal adapted the teachings of the Zohar to strengthen the fundamentalist approach to the Torah. He added strictness onto strictness. In this way the Zohar could be accepted in Judaism by fundamentalists. Also Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi the founder of the Chabad movement adopted the approach toward Kabballa of the Arizal. He rejects resurrection in his texts. The last Lubavitcher Rebbe whose students call him the Messiah accepted resurrection. In almost all ways the way of Lubavitch is fundamentalist. However the concept of the Messiah in Chabad is Zohar resurrectionist. In Chabad there are two ways which are traditional according to the Baal Tanya, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, and Messianic Chabad which has accepted resurrection.

When the Rebbe started his movement to bring Jews back to their religion, he had to accept also resurrectionist Jews. Most Jews and most human beings are fundamentalist. There are exceptional souls that are resurrectionist. It is difficult to unite the two types of souls together in one people. It was difficult at the times of the Beit Hamikdash in the times of King David. The nation became almost completely fundamentalist. The Rabbis today continue to try to keep Judaism fundamentalist. They want family life to continue to be most important. Resurrectionist is looking for spiritual freedom. Marriage delays these goals of finding spiritual freedom. A man starts to make a family to be fruitful and multiply. Orthodox Jews have large families. The wife watches over her husband to make sure that he provides spiritually and materially for his children. The law of the home in Judaism is fundamentalist especially the law as interpreted by Rambam.

Christianity which is resurrectionist and fundamentalist does not require a man or woman to have children. He can become a priest or nun or be a family man. Priest or nun is resurrectionist. Family man is Orthodox fundamentalist. Judaism disagrees with Christianity to allow people to become celibates. Every Jew is obligated in the commandment to be fruitful and multiply. In Judaism the law does not give spiritual freedom to the Jew. Jews that need spiritual freedom because they are resurrectionist can find it in the Zohar. There is the Messiah for spiritual freedom, the messiah the son of Joseph and the messiah for the fundamentalist the messiah the son of David. The Zohar unites fundamentalist and resurrectionist.

The teachings of the Zohar have survived until today. The Rabbis had the chance to destroy or bury the Zohar after it was found in Spain and brought to Israel. The Arizal through his interpretation made the Zohar acceptable to fundamentalists Jewish Scholars. In the last fifty years the Zohar has become more accessible to people who want to learn it. There are translations and commentaries on the Zohar. The Zohar conflicts with fundamentalist Judaism. It accepts resurrection which means Christianity. Judaism does not accept today Christianity or Jesus as a prophet. By rejecting Christianity, there is no spiritual freedom in Judaism because spiritual freedom and healing for the Jew comes through the resurrection of Jesus and the resurrection of Moses, Raya Mehemna of the Zohar.

The Baal Shem Tov the founder of Chassidism was a spiritual healer as well as a Torah Scholar. He was resurrectionist and fundamentalist. His teachings were based on the Zohar. He has left today a place in Judaism for the resurrectionist who needs spiritual freedom and spiritual healing. Jewish law still prohibits spiritual freedom but there are Torah Scholars that believe in resurrection, the Baal Shem Tov and the Zohar. The Zohar has added resurrection and spiritual healing to Judaism.

Happiness the Essence of Chassidism

Chassidism began in the 1700 bringing a new light to Judaism. It was immediately confronted by opposition from fundamental Orthodox Rabbis. The idea of a new light in Judaism is against the foundations of Judaism that the religion will never change. Even the Messiah in Judaism according to Jewish law and the prayers established by the Men of the Great Assembly is to return to the Judaism of the days of old when the nation had a king and a temple. The idea of a new light is discouraged in the prayers which are recited each day called the Shemona Esra where was added an additional prayer to the eighteen prayers against reformed Judaism. The Nation of Israel has survived until today through rejecting reformed movements and false messiahs throughout the ages.

Survival of the Jewish nation was most important to its representatives in the time of the days of the Men of the Great Assembly in the beginning of the times of the second temple. They knew that eventually the second temple would be destroyed and the nation would go into exile. This was already prophesized in the times of the first temple.

Survival of the Jewish Nation is very important but not the only need of the Jewish people. Jews have been instructed and guided to sacrifice their lives for the sake of survival of the Jewish nation until the coming of the Messiah. Exile from their land has not been easy for Jews. Jews have been confronted by many obstacles which has taken its toll on the nation. Many Jews have assimilated and many Jews have converted to other faiths. Jews have lived under the pressures of two strong religious movement Christianity and Muslim during the diaspora. Christianity and Muslim faiths encouraged missionizing to bring other people into their faiths including Jews. Even more destructive for the Jewish nation has been atheist philosophies which is socialism and communism. Jews took leadership in the development of these movements. Those Jews which have survived today are called the remnant of the house of Israel.

The Baal Shem Tov the founder of Chassidism was most interested in strengthening the faith of Jews in God. After the discovery of the Zohar in the 1300s and the development of the Kabballa in Sefad in the 1500s, the Baal Shem Tov began a movement to spread these teachings to the masses to strengthen their faith in God. He was instructed by the Messiah in a dream that through spreading the wellsprings of the inner teachings of the Torah would come the redemption.

Judaism has survived all these pressures through a miracle but also through the strictness of the religion which commands Jews to practice the commandments principally the Shabbat. A Jew is not given a choice to be Jewish or to be religious. The strictness of the command from God "to be a holy nation the children of God" and all the commandments of the Torah has kept the Jewish people and its nation alive. Jews have also been commanded not to change the religion.

In every generation there are outcasts of Judaism. There are Jews that are assimilating in different ways. The Baal Tov did wanted to save those Jews that had lost their connection with Judaism as a command and bring them back into faith through free will. This he hoped to accomplish through spreading the new teachings of the inner Torah to the masses.

The Torah especially the Oral Torah is unique in that it was received by the Jews with blind faith. Blind faith in God and the Torah is the principal connection of the Jew to God and Judaism. Judaism which exists through the blind faith and the self sacrifice for the Torah and Israel discourages the Jew from entering into philosophy. The Law of God the Torah has to be accepted with blind faith and it is forbidden to change it. In the times of the temple, the Sanhedrin discouraged Jews from delving into the secrets of the Torah called Ohr HGanuz, the hidden light. The Torah says, the secrets are for God, the Torah which is principally the Oral Torah is for us and our children. It is dangerous when a Jew starts to question issues contained in the Torah. For sure the Torah contains many deep secrets but they are considered not important for the survival of the nation. In this way the nation of Israel survived for more than eight hundred years from the time of King David until the destruction of the second temple. When the nation went into exile, the sages tried to maintain the way the Torah was practiced during the kingship to discourage looking for new insights into the Torah. Even today this is the primary approach in Judaism to accept the Torah with blind faith without looking for new insights or delving into its secrets.

Through the fundamentalist approach accepting everything in the Oral Torah with blind faith, the problems in Judaism can never be corrected. According to this approach, even the Messiah will not only return to the Old Way but the laws will become even stricter than today according to the House of Shamai rather than according to the House of Hillel. This is the picture of Judaism before came the Baal Shem Tov to correct these problems which caused the destruction of the second temple.

The Baal Shem Tov stressed the Love of Your Fellow Jew and acceptance of all Jews even the non-religious. The cause of the destruction of the second temple was hatred between Jews. Fundamental Judaism gives permission for the separating Ultra-Orthodox sects from less religious Jews. Therefore today religious Jews live primarily in religious Jewish communities in Israel and abroad. There are communities which are Ultra-Orthodox in America that are able to maintain strictness of the law on the highest degree. Living in a foreign land they sometimes meet conflicts with civil law in America but they do everything they can to avoid these conflicts. Also in Israel the religious community blocs have been given independence but only in a limited way. The religious leaders feel that separating themselves from other Jews or gentiles is the best solution. However, there are other opinions especially to object to complete separation like is in America in the Monroe or New Square communities.

The Baal Shem tov tried to integrate the simple Jew with the families of Torah Scholars strict observers. The simple Jew was less educated and their families had already begun to assimilate with the gentiles and adopt modern values. Torah Scholars and strict observers saw this approach as a danger to the welfare of their children. Religious Jewish education is of primary importance in Judaism. Most important is laws of modesty to be followed by girls and separating their boys from interaction with girls until marriage. To protect the Jewish family is a battle which continues in each generation. The Baal Shem Tov could not expect to completely integrate the simple Jews with the families of scholars. The leaders of these Jewish communities would not allow him.

However, in the times of the Baal Shem Tov there was already deterioration of Jewish children and Jewish families from within. There were many influences on these families from gentiles even to the point of reaching Pogroms. There was a secular movement in the Jewish world called Hascalla which encouraged Jews to secularize in Europe for the purpose of livelihood. They encouraged secular learning in Jewish day schools and even attending universities. A change was needed which was a challenge for the Baal Shem Tov.

About a hundred years before came Chassidism, the Jewish people were fooled by a false Messiah Shabtei Tvi. Even the Torah Scholars thought that he was the messiah who would take the Jews out of the exile back to Israel like had been described by the Rambam. In the end he was stopped by the gentiles and he eventually converted to Islam. This left the spirit of the Jewish people at a low level; where they had already lost their faith in the messiah and the redemption. The Baal Shem Tov began a new movement to bring the messiah through spreading the teachings of the Zohar.

In the Zohar the book of splendor it says, that in the merit of the Zohar will be redeemed the Jewish people in mercy. The Baal Shem Tov had the work to bring the redemption in mercy like had been promised in the Zohar. He was told by the Messiah in a dream that this was the solution to the problems of the Jewish dilemma. The Baal Shem Tov was a spiritual healer, a man of many miracles. He was also a Torah Scholar respected for his scholarship as well as being knowledgeable in the Kabballa.

The main change which the Baal Shem wanted to bring to Judaism is happiness. Happiness is connected to health both mental and physical health. It is fundamental to all human beings. Happiness is not a goal in Judaism. According to Jewish law, happiness is when you are doing the will of God. Jewish law restricts happiness within the four Amots of Halacha which is Jewish law. Judaism stresses the fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom. The Love of God comes after the fear of God. Many Jews never reach the level of "to love God" as is commanded in the Torah "with all your heart, all your soul and all your might." Most of the work of the Baal Shem was to bring Jews to attain this goal of Love of God and eternal happiness. Jewish law restricts the Jew from attaining these goals by demanding preparation in developing fear of God and after raising a Jewish family.

Attaining Love of God requires also to know God, like King David said to his son Solomon, "Know the Lord your God and serve him with a full heart. The service of God was taught in traditional religious Jewish schools in Europe, but not to know God which required the study of the inner teachings of the Torah. The Baal Shem Tov and his students in generations after him began to spread the teachings of Chassidism that Jew should Know God and love God. One of the main obstacles Chassidism has faced in achieving these ideals is the fear of connecting to spiritual values which are taught by other religions in the world principally Christianity. Today when the world has become smaller through technology has also been revealed the spirituality in the East. Torah Scholars fear spirituality because it is universal and not specifically Jewish. The Messiah and Messianic goals Jews share with other religions. The two paths toward the Messiah and the redemption clash in traditional Torah law. There is a conflict between universal truth and Judaism. The Baal Shem and Chassidism has been faced with this conflict in its work of spreading the inner teachings of the Torah. Judaism teaches that Judaism is the only true religion in the world, and the other prophets are false prophets. Jews have been commanded to keep separate from the rest of the world. Making one world with one God in Judaism is only possible when Judaism is the only faith. Many of the followers of the Baal Shem in later generations left his Messianic way to return to traditional Judaism waiting for the Messiah.

The essence of Chassidism is the goal of eternal happiness. To reach this goal the Jew needs to connect to the Zohar which promises the redemption through mercy. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov considered to be the true successor to the Baal Shem Tov by many of his followers said, "It is a great commandment of the Torah to be happy." Rabbi Nachman is referring to eternal happiness which comes through the knowledge of God and the connection to the Messiah. In another place in his writings, he even says that happiness on the Sabbath takes precedence over the observance of the laws of the Sabbath. These two statements contradict Jewish law. Rabbi Nachman died about 250 years ago but his soul is still alive. If he was alive and said these words he would be attacked by Torah Scholars that these words are against the Torah. He said these words and these words live forever. He is actually saying that there is a new Jewish law. The Baal Shem Tov had difficulty preaching a new Jewish law. His student and grandson Rebbe Nachman said these words in his behalf. The law has changed. Today according to the new law, mercy and eternal happiness are more important than legal issues. Happiness is the essence of Chassidism and its goal. It comes before everything else.

Idolatry Today

Idolatry is one of the most severe transgressions in the Torah for Jew and gentile. However the criterion of Idolatry has changed from the way it was in the times of the holy temple. In the times of the holy temple the Jews lived according to the Oral Torah which gave permission on for the approach toward worship of God which was allowed in the Nation of Israel. All other types of worship were called idolatry. The law became even more strict to prohibit making altars in other places than in the temple in Jerusalem. After the destruction of the second temple, Jews were scattered throughout the world and built synagogues and Torah learning centers in their communities. They pray to return to Israel and build the holy temple and return to the law and customs of the past.

The Jews received the Torah on Mount Sinai. God spoke to the Jewish people from the mountain. They were about to receive the tablets with the Ten Commandments engraved upon them by God. They sinned and built a Golden Calf under the supervision of Aharon the brother of Moses. Moses came down from the mountain and in disgust broke the tablets. These tablets which God wrote were free from all idolatry.

Moses prayed for forgiveness to God for the sin of building the Golden Calf. God heard his prayer and instructed Moses to write a new set of tablets. On the holiday of Yom Kippur Moses came down from the mountain to give the people the second set of tablets. With these tablets he gave them instruction how to make their nation and religion in Israel. They built a temporary tabernacle which traveled with them in the wilderness. He also gave them the written Torah the Five Books of Moses.

The first tablets were free from idolatry but the second tablets were not completely pure. They were given this new way of worshiping God without making any graven images which became Judaism until today. The Jews upon entering Israel were told to destroy all idolatry that was in the land. They conquered the land and established the nation of Israel worshiping the One God according to the instruction of Moses. They represented the One God in the World. The Nation reigned in Israel for almost a thousand years until the two temples were destroyed and the nation was sent into exile. Judaism in exile continued according to the laws and customs of the Law of Moses.

During the exile was revealed two new religions by the prophets Jesus and Mohammed. These religions also claimed to be Monotheistic but had their own laws and customs. Christianity worshipped God in the image of the Messiah. Mohammed made a religion similar to Judaism. Both of these religions claimed to be the only way. Now there were three religions in the western world which claimed to be the only way and religion.

Judaism rejects these prophets as false prophets since they have made changes in the Law of Moses. Christianity it calls idolatry since they worship God through a man on a cross, and build in their places of worship statues. Also Mohammed condemned the Christian way of worship even though they accept Jesus as a prophet. Everyone accepts Moses as a prophet and the Torah of Moses. They feel the Torah has been changed by the commandment of God to their prophets Jesus and Mohammed.

A prophet has direct communication with God. Other people follow the teachings of their prophet but they have no direct connection to God to be able to change his word. Judaism recognizes that there are prophets which God has given to them wisdom, understanding and intellect. Prophets is one of the part of the Tanach which Jews learn containing Torah of Moses, Prophets and other writings. Christians recognize the holiness of these writings and even claim that Jesus was part of their prophecy. Judaism allows to accept these prophecies but rejects any changes that these prophets will make in the Law of Moses. In the prophecy of Jerimiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel, there are parts which contradicts the Prophecy of Moses and the Law of Moses which is the Oral and written Torah. They speak about a New Law which contradicts the Torah which says that the law should never be changed.

The Zohar which is not considered to be a work of prophecy even though it includes in it prophecy also contradicts the Torah of Moses, the Oral Torah. The Zohar divides the Torah of Moses in two parts the Oral Torah and the Written Torah. Jewish law is derived from the Oral Law. In the written law are the secrets of God. The written law contains also the Oral Law and also the secrets of God. According to the Zohar, just like there were two sets of tablets, the first tablets written by God himself and the second tablets written by Moses, there are two approaches to the worship of God. Judaism is following only one way of worship and even prohibiting the other way of worship. These two approaches are called in the Zohar male and female. Jerimiah calls them the seed of the animal and the seed of man. They are also called the worship of the Kingship and the worship of the king.

Judaism is the worship of Knesset Yisrael the kingship of God. The other approach to worship is the worship of King the Messiah. These are two intermediates toward the worship of God. Judaism claims to worship to God without an intermediate but according to the Zohar they are connecting God with the Torah and Knesset Yisrael. Knesset Yisrael has no form. It is a body without a form. The Zohar has actually revealed that in Judaism there is idolatry. Judaism which stems from the second tablets were not completely pure from idolatry. When Judaism was established in the land of Israel, it was the only representative in the world of the One God. There was idolatry in the world which didn't worship the One God the creator of the universe. These types of idolatry the Jewish people were commanded to destroy.

The sages of Israel did not read carefully the works of the prophets which introduced another approach to worship called the seed of man. They refused to accept this type of worship in Israel which worshipped the king the Messiah. God sent through him a new religion which was already part of the creation written in the Five Books of Moses. Adam and Eve before the sin of eating from the tree of knowledge worshipped God through the Tree of Life. After the sin, they worshipped God through the Tree of Knowledge which was revealed as the Law of Moses.

After Christianity, there were two major religions in the world. Judaism would not accept the King the Messiah as their savior. He was not the savior of Knesset Yisrael, the nation of Israel which was about to be scattered throughout the world after the destruction of the second holy temple. Judaism called Christianity idolatry according to the Law of Moses. Christianity claimed to be an authentic religion and their prophet and leader who was called the Messiah, the man of truth. Islam came afterwards to reinforce monotheism without graven images.

As a result of the sin of the golden Calf two religions came into the world which were not perfect. Each one was a part of the truth. Only through uniting these two religions could be revealed the true religion of God. These two religions could not unite as long as each one claimed to be the only way.

The Bible tells the story of Joseph and his brothers how there was jealousy between them. Judah the leader of the brothers in Genesis 44: came to confront his brother Joseph. The Zohar teaches that Joseph and Judah are two kings. Ezekiel teaches about uniting the tree of Joseph with the tree of Judah to reveal the name of God which is truth and peace. Until these two sides of truth are united, there is still idolatry in the world. When these two trees are united, the work will be to remove atheism and immorality from the world.

Judaism and Christianity are two religions which will remain separate. The way to unite them is through mutual respect. They can share the Bible the five books of Moses and receive the blessings of God in the Torah given to them through their prophets. Judaism should accept Christianity as another religion in the world instead of idolatry. Christianity accepts Judaism as their mother religion. There is no longer idolatry. The name of God is blessed.

There many Jew that need spiritual freedom and healing which only Christianity can give them. Jewish law which calls Christianity idolatry is only causing Jews to convert to Christianity, Jews for Jesus, Born again Christians etc. The Jews with stronger faith don't need spiritual freedom and healings. They do well without Christianity but their brothers have strayed away from Judaism to become secular Jews because Judaism hasn't given them enough spirituality. They feel cast out and not important. They don't only want to sacrifice for Knesset Yisrael to be Jews and wait for their reward in the future world. They are spiritually sick and need the Messiah now.

The Universal God and the Jewish God

In the times of the Holy temple in Jerusalem, there was only One God the Jewish God, the God of Abraham, Isaac ad Jacob. The Universal God was called the hidden light, Ohr HaGanuz. Jews lived in Israel according to Jewish law. They had sovereignty over the land. There was a King and a Jewish Congress of Sages. According to the Law of Moses the holy temple was built by King Solomon. Jews lived in a Jewish world and worshipped a Jewish God.

The Law of Moses called the Oral Torah restricted the influences of Ohr HaGanuz to infiltrate in the nation. Everyone including every Jew has the universal God in their natural soul. The universal God is called Elokim which is the numerical value of the word nature. In the land of Israel God was worshipped in the name of God written with four letters in the Torah and pronounced Adonoy.

The people of the land followed strictly to scripture which gave them guidance in conducting their lives. The majority of the scripture was handed over by word of mouth from Moses to Joshua and to the leaders of each generation. The Torah the five books of Moses is the scripture from which is derived all the laws of the holy nation of Israel.

There were pressures from two sides on the nation. The foreign nation surrounding the land of Israel continued to fight them. King David conquered the land of Israel from the seven nations which dwelled in the land and destroyed their idols before was established the kingship of Israel. In the time of King Solomon, there was peace. King Solomon continued the conquest of the land through spreading to the world the seven commandments given to the children of Noah. Through these commandments the nations of the world would accept Israel as the representatives of God on earth. People throughout the world were invited to come to the holy temple to bring sacrifices to God. Jews living in Israel also would bring to the temple their offerings each day.

King Solomon also tried to connect the other nations of the world with God and Israel through intermarriage. The princes of other nations were invited to marry Jewish princesses after accepting Jewish law. King Solomon married the daughter of Pharaoh after she had converted. He also had many concubines. He had thousands of wives and concubines as part of his mission to make the whole world part of his nation and their God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel.

The major problem that King Solomon had in maintaining his nation and its sovereignty came from within the nation itself. A part of his nation rebelled and divided the nation into two states under the leadership of Jerbeon Ben Navat., The nation was divided into Judah and Israel. The prophet Achiya HaShiloni did not object to Jerbeon and his movement to separate Israel into two nations. It was a decree from God that the nation would become divided into two states. Ten tribes went with Jerbeon and settled in Shomron and established the new nation of Israel. The children of King Solomon retained the portion of Israel surrounding the holy temple in Jerusalem. The tribe of Benjamin and their portion of the land remained with the kingship of King Solomon, the tribe of kings Judah and the Levites. The revolution was not from the outside of the nation of Israel but from within the nation. The source of this division in the State came from the pressure of Ohr Haganuz, the hidden light of God, the universal God called Elokim.

Jewish law suppresses the light of Ohr Hanuz, the universal light. Jewish law is based on the Law of Moses the Oral Law through which the nation of Israel was established at the times of the temple. In the Torah there is a warning, "the secrets of the Torah are for God, and the revealed portion for us and our children." Ohr HaGanuz the Zohar and Kabballa remains even today of secondary importance in Judaism to Halacha, the learning of Jewish law. However the learning of Zohar and Kabballa is considered by almost all scholars to be essential today.

The nation of Israel existed separate from the nation of Judah for almost four hundred years until it was eventually conquered by the nations surrounding it. The ten tribes of Israel which formed this state were lost forever. They assimilated into the world. Only the nation of Judah survived under outside pressures until it was conquered by the Babylonians and the first temple was destroyed. The nation was exiled to Babel.

The nation returned to the land of Israel in the times of Ezra the scribe when was built the second temple which lasted for another four hundred years. The nation of Judah which was again called Israel was governed according to Torah law. There was no longer a Jewish King from the seed of David, but there was a congress of sages called the Sanhedrin. The Jewish nation did not have complete sovereignty over the land like in the times of the first temple. There were no prophets in the days of the second temple only scholars knowledgeable in the laws of the Torah.

The Jewish religion was established by the Men of the Great Assembly according to the Law of Moses for all times. Jewish law is derived from the Oral teachings of Moses to Joshua. Moses also gave to the Jewish people the written Torah which begins with the words, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." The written Torah describes the creation of the world until was created Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were created from the dust of the earth. They were placed in the Garden of Eden which is described in Genesis 1. After they ate from the Tree of Knowledge through the trickery of the snake, they were forced to leave the Garden of Eden. The world became populated.

The universal God is connected to Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. Judaism came after the sin of eating from the tree of knowledge. The way to returning to the Garden of Eden is closed off and blocked as it says in Genesis 3: he drove out the man; and he placed the Keruvim of a revolving sword to guard the way to the tree of life. Most important in the Garden of Eden is the Tree of Life.

The nation of Israel lived according to Jewish law. Jewish law suppresses the light of Ohr Haganuz, the universal light which is in the Garden of Eden and the tree of life. The nation today survives through Jewish law and its religion. Ohr Haganuz is dangerous to the survival of the nation which worships the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Jewish God. Ohr Haganuz reveals that there is also the universal God which existed before the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge connected to Adam and the Tree of Life.

The existence of the nation of Israel, and the Jewish people depends upon Jewish law. Jewish law was given by Moses to Joshua and the elders. The people accepted the Law of Moses in the wilderness as a preparation for entering into the land of Israel. The Torah was accepted initially by the Jewish people in the wilderness with free choice. They agreed to do the commandments. They understood that after accepting the Torah, they would later understand its significance. They would later understand and know that there is hidden in the Torah, Ohr Haganuz.

The two lights of God are called Adonoy and Elokim which are the Jewish light and the universal light. The essence of God is always unknown which is the light which was revealed by God at the time of the revelation of God at Mount Sinai when he spoke for one instant.

There is only One God but there are two lights which are his revelation. Also it is written in the Zohar that there are two Messiahs, the Messiah the son of Joseph and the Messiah the son of David. The Lubavitcher Rebbe in his speeches spoke very often about these two lights and how they relate to each other. He never denied that there are two lights and encouraged his students to learn the Zohar and the inner teachings of the Torah in Chassidism. However, his work was to defend the Jewish light and to protect the Jewish nation from assimilation.

A Jew cannot hide from the world even though very often they try but never succeed. God placed the Jewish people in the world to represent the Jewish light which is essential for the existence of the world, like it says, if not for my covenant day and night, the heavens and earth would no longer exist. There is also the other side called the Universal light shared by all mankind which is the desire for health, happiness and peace. Jews also want health, happiness and peace which makes Jews part of the world. Jews sacrifice for the Torah and their nation through which they get a special share in the world to come.

The Coming of the Messiah

Everyone in the world is waiting for the coming of the Messiah not only the Jews. The concept of the Messiah comes from Judaism, a product of the holy prophets. The prophets who lived in the time of the first holy temple in Jerusalem spoke about the coming of the Messiah and a New Age. Prayers were instituted in the Jewish tradition for the coming of the Messiah who would be from the house of David and return the Jewish people to their land. He would rebuild the holy temple. He will bring peace and unity to the world. On the earth will be a revelation of the peace which is in heaven.

According to the Torah there are two parts to the redemption by the Messiah, for the individual and for humanity. The Jewish people will represent humanity through building the holy temple and through their worship to God according to the Torah. The redemption will come in two stages. First will come the redemption of all of humanity to the extent that all of mankind will know that God is the creator of the earth. The redemption of humanity will come through receiving the two Messiahs which are the Messiah the son of Joseph, Jesus Christ and the Messiah the son of David the Lubavitcher Rebbe. These two messiahs have lived in the world and have passed away but they are considered to be alive forever. Jesus after being crucified attained eternal life through resurrection. The Lubavitcher Rebbe in his devotion and service to God lives forever as if he has never died. He continues to be a servant of God even after his death. There are other saints which lived a life of devotion to God that are included in the revelation of the Messiah. These saints also live eternal life in heaven. Through accepting the eternal life of the messiah and the saints of God is acquired eternal happiness and peace. Every person has to work for his own portion in heaven and share in the afterlife through the doing of good deeds.

According to scripture the Messiah will be a man from the house of David. His job will be to complete the work of all the great saints that have lived on earth including the two Messiahs. Since religion has spread out in the world it has been revealed that there are two approaches to worship which are the seed of the animal in the way of Judaism and Muslim, and the seed of man the way of Christianity and Hiduism. There may be two messiahs which will come at the end of time representing each approach of worship. One messiah will be the Jewish Messiah from the house of David serving God in the Jewish way which accepts also other religions and the second approach toward worship the seed of Man.

Until today Judaism has called the second approach toward worship of God through the seed of man idolatry. This will now change and Judaism will live peacefully with the other religions in the world. The way of Judaism called the seed of the animal will not change in other ways. The law will remain almost unchanged. The Torah is eternal and is the beginning of the revelation of the messiah. After was revealed the Messiah in the approach toward worship the seed of man, Judaism had fulfilled one of its purposes to bring the messiah into the world. The second messiah from the seed of the animal representing the nation of God is called the eternal king of Israel. The world now has two kings. Judaism accepts these two kings in preparation for the completion of the period of the messiah through a living human being from these two faiths.

The messiah has a special soul. Not everyone can be the messiah even if he truly wants to be the messiah. God has created special souls for this purpose. There is a special soul from both of these faiths that comes into the world in each generation to complete the work of the two messiahs of eternal life. Today Pope Francis has begun the work of completing the work of the two messiahs of eternal life in his call for one world religion. This special soul which God has created to be the messiah shines with the light of God. God is revealed on his face. His face is filled with joy and happiness. He is devoted to completion of the work of the two messiahs of eternal life. There is also a Jewish saint with these holy attributes. The work of the messiah has not yet been completed. When mankind will receive these two messiahs who represent the messiahs of eternal life, the work of the messiah can be completed. The knowledge of God will fill the earth. God will have been revealed in the world as the hidden of hiddens revealed through the unity of the faith of the seed of the animal with the faith of the seed of man which are justice and mercy.

The work of the messiah is on the way to completion. It needs the contribution of every human being, works of kindness, peace and truth.

Open minded Jews

Jews traditionally are the most closed minded people. Judaism teaches Jews to be closed minded. Judaism is the most close minded religion. It all began at Mount Sinai when the Jews received the Torah. Moses taught the laws to Joshua and the elders of the nation. They entered the land of Israel under the leadership of Joshua. They carried with them the tablets which Moses gave to them in the wilderness and learned their doctrine which was the Oral Law given to them by Moses. This doctrine was closed minded and taught Jews to be closed minded. Orthodox Jews are closed minded people.

In the Torah is clearly defined what is permitted and what is forbidden. There are animals which are permitted to eat that have the two signs of split hooves and chewing their own cud. All other animals without these signs are forbidden to eat. Jews believe in the law given to them by God through Moses without needing to understand the reasons for these commandments.

The Torah commanded the Jews not to change it forever, to add or subtract from the Torah. They were also advised to make fences around the law to protect it from being changed. These rabbinical ordinances made the Torah more closed minded. Rabbinical Ordinances in one way are of less holiness than ordinances from the Torah itself. However Jews are advised to honor these rabbinical ordinances even more than those written and taught directly from the Torah.

The Torah also contained punishments for those transgressing the commandments. The law was strictly enforced by police and by its judicial system. There is a commandment in the Torah to rebuke your neighbor when he transgresses on these commandments. Each Jew was made a civil servant in the nation to maintain law and order. The law of the nation was the Law of God.

Relationships out of wedlock were forbidden in the nation and the religion. It was even forbidden for a single man and woman to be together in a house alone. These were rabbinical decrees to reinforce the law. A Jew according to the law is forbidden to have relations between man and woman without first going through the marriage ceremony. First the couple must go to the Rabbi to prepare for the wedding. The Rabbi approves the marriage after examining if the two people are Jewish and permitted to marry each other. Priests called Kohanim are prohibited to marry woman that have been divorced. Children born from forbidden relationships called Mamzerim are forbidden to marry in the congregation. Of course, before receiving a Jewish divorce a woman is forbidden to marry. She is considered a married woman and if she has relations with a man it is called adultery.

Through prohibiting relationships out or wedlock in the nation, and through enforcing these laws, the parents of every child were able to be recorded in the Minister of Interior to define their lineage. Lineage is very important in Judaism. Even today religious Jews especially the Ultra-Orthodox look for their children to marry into families with lineage. Prohibiting relationships out of wedlock also limited the freedom of the people to live and do according to their wishes. Jewish Marriage limits the man and woman to follow according to their religion. If one of the two members of the couple, transgress on the commandments even a rabbinical decree the other member has the right to complain to the local judge or Rabbi. If these transgressions become more serious the Rabbi may advise the man or woman to go to the Rabbinical court to file for divorce. Through prohibiting relationships out of wedlock, restricted the people and forced the people to follow the Torah. A man who goes away from the Torah way even slightly might be forced to be alone without a wife. The men and women in this way were forced to follow the law of the nation the Torah or be outcasts.

It is a commandment to be fruitful and multiply. Having children and making a Jewish family was of utmost importance to the Jewish nation. The nation needed soldiers to fight in the army, and by having children the nation was strengthened from within. Jewish education reinforces the way of the Torah. Children are taught to be closed minded. In the times of the temple when Israel was the only Monotheist nation in the world, the rest of the world were called idolators. Jewish children were warned about contamination and assimilation with the nations. Idolatry is one of the three commandments in which a Jew is commanded to sacrifice his life.

Judaism was once more liberal than it is today. In the times of Judges before was established the Kingship which was a dictatorship, there was freedom each person did what was proper according to his conscience. The laws were not enforced with severe punishments like after the nation was established. The Rabbinical Judges today interpret the law according to the way it was in the times of the temple much stricter than it was in the times of judges. They even consider that those laws which were established in the times of the temple are on the level of Torah stringency which is impossible to be lenient. For this reason, Judaism prays to return to the law of the days of old since it cannot be changed.

Worship to God was also restricted in the times of the temple. In the times of Judges, it was possible to make private altars for worship. This practice was abolished when the temple was built according to the Torah. Jewish prayer even today restricts Jews to say exactly those words which are written in the prayer book. A little leniency exists to add your own requests during these prayers but very few people follow this practice because it isn't reinforced in the Torah schools. Private prayers were once completely discouraged until recently began a movement in Chassidism by Rabbi Nachman to pray to God in your own words one hour a day. Prayer was also discouraged in the times of the temple. The people brought to the temple sacrifices in place of prayer. They were encouraged to learn Torah and pray only when it was of special importance. The prophet rebukes those that cry Father Father in prayer instead of learning Torah.

Judaism is based on the word of God given by Moses to the Jewish people. Moses was a true prophet and his word is the word of God. Judaism today and in the times of the holy temple was a closed minded religion. It continues to be a closed minded religion since in the Torah is the commandment not to change the law.

There is no way to change the Torah. There is no way to change Judaism. Open minded religious Jews exist today not because they have changed Judaism. Reformed and Conservative Judaism have changed the law or claim to have changed the religion which is absurd. Judaism has not changed but religion in the world has broadened. There have come into the world other prophets which have added onto Judaism the established religion from Mount Sinai their new approaches to worship to God. Judaism tries to reject all other prophets than Moses and all other religions but these prophets and religions have been successful to broaden the world of religion. Prophets receive from God directly. They are not dependent on scripture like other people.

Fundamental Judaism follows Jewish law strictly like Joshua and the elders who received the law directly from Moses. Progressive Spiritual Judaism follows Moses as their mentor. Moses was the humblest of all men on earth and accepted other prophets. Joshua rebuked Moses and wanted to restrict all other prophets from preaching. Moses went further even to say that if he had his will all Jews should be prophets. Each Jew should have a direct connection with God besides the connection through scripture.

Judaism cannot change, but Jews can learn from other prophets like Jesus and Mohammed. Enlightened saints have come to the western world from India to broaden the way of religion and bring all religions together for the sake of World Unity and Peace. Open minded Jews have received their teachings and the teachings of other prophets. Judaism as taught by Rambam forbids being open minded and even calls these other religions idolatry. Open minded religious Jews understand that Judaism was only the beginning of religion. It continues in its pure form but God and Moses has given Jews permission to be open minded. Being an open minded religious Jew is a battle but the battle is in the name of God and the Torah.

When the Zohar was revealed to the Jewish sages, they saw that Judaism was not the only truth. The Zohar gave credence to other approaches to worship of God principally through the way of the Kabballa. Today truth is most important even before religion and the law. Moses is truth and his Torah is truth. Moses and his Torah the five books of Moses has given Jews permission to be open minded but not to change Judaism.

The Good Influences of the World on the Jew

Orthodox Judaism is always stressing the bad influences of the world on the Jew. For sure, there are many bad influences from the world on the Jew. For instance the level of modesty which exists in Judaism is far and beyond modesty of the world. Jews are encouraged to watch their speech. On the street in every town can be heard cursing and vulgar language. Judaism emphasizes family life and marriage. Today people are living together and having children out of wedlock. There are even many sorts of incest relationships in the world as well as an increase of homosexuality. Parents of Jewish children are encouraged to watch over their children and educate them to live a happy and healthy righteous life according to the Torah. This type of education is not found in secular schools. Jewish children are encouraged to marry Jews and live a Jewish life. There are many reasons that Jews try to stay separate from gentiles. One of the reasons is that it is written in the Torah law.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews consider the world completely evil. They base their beliefs on what is written in the Talmud. As a result, they have no respect for the gentile. They consider the gentile inferior and even idolaters. Therefore, they are missing out on the good influences which can be received from the gentiles through showing them respect. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov a contemporary Chassidic master said that the world is a narrow bridge to cross over. This applies to the relationship of the Jew to the gentile. The world includes in it Jews and gentiles. A Jew is a human being like any other person with faults. No one is perfect. The world is the world which God created for man to live in. Every human being is a child of Adam and Eve. The source of every human being is in Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. When a Jew is denying the world, he is also denying his heritage which is a descendant of Adam and Eve whose home was initially the Garden of Eden. Every Jew has a natural connection to Adam which gives him special energy for health and happiness. He receives this energy for being part of the world. Through denying the importance of the world and the people of the world, the Jew loses this important connection to God through Adam.

Judaism which denies the importance of the world loses more than is gained. A Jew who lives an unnatural life but religious life may end up with many problems as a result. There is good and bad in the world but to deny the world completely can only lead a Jew and the Jewish people into troubles and problems which should be avoided. A Jew and the Jewish people need to find their place in the world. They can exist separate to some extent but not completely. They are part of the world whether they like it or not. They have to find peace living in the world as well as living separate from the world. The Jew has two soul sources which are as children of Abraham Isaac and Jacob who received their religion from Moses the prophet. They are also children of Adam and Eve who once lived in the Garden of Eden in complete happiness and peace but were expelled from the garden after the sin of eating from the tree of knowledge. Jews have two messiahs which are the messiah connected to Adam and Eve, the tree of life in the Garden of Eden and the messiah of the Jewish people who is their king and religious leader.

The Jews denied that Jesus was the messiah and continue to deny it. Most of the rest of the world received him and are happy. The Jews are still suffering because their messiah has still not arrived. The messiah which they are waiting for is to remove them from the world which means to accept suffering and to hate their father and mother Adam and their children. They have accepted the Torah the Ten Commandments but still refuse to fulfill the commandment of honor your father and mother who are Adam and Eve. They do not believe in evolution but deny that God created Adam and Eve from the dust. They deny the resurrection of their father and mother from the dust in the beginning of time. They reject the resurrection of Jesus because they are faithful to their prophet Moses. Moses believed in the resurrection of Adam and Eve, and he wrote it in the book of Genesis. They have another chance being given to them from God to believe in the Zohar. The Zohar is the book of Splendor; it is also the book of resurrection. In the Zohar Moses has resurrected with the messiah the son of Joseph and they are living in the Garden of Eden. He has resurrected with the forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He has resurrected with Mohammed. To believe in the resurrection is the entrance into the Garden of Eden.

A Jew is lucky that he can have the best of two worlds. He has the Jewish world and the world of God. Every human being has the world of God if they will believe in the resurrection. The world of God is the Garden of Eden.

Evolution, Judaism, Christianity

There are many proofs today which have been found by evolutionists to show that the world developed through evolution according to Darwin. The main conflict that evolution has with the Bible is in the origin of man. The development of all other species according to the Bible can be attributed to the work of the six days of creation which could be extended to billions of years. Each day of creation is a billion or more years. In this way developed the species on the earth before the creation of man.

The main argument in the Bible against evolution is about the creation of man. All the other species even the development of inanimate life could be attributed to evolution which began billions of years ago when the initial spark of creation was ignited by God. The difference between the creation of man and all the other species is that man was created after the world had been developed through evolution in the course of billions of years. Man and woman according to the Bible was a special creation that God planted on the earth after all the rest of the creation was completed. Evolution according to the Bible could be attributed to all of the creation except for the creation of man.

According to the bible the whole world was prepared in advance for man. Like it says in the Bible, man has dominion over the whole world. The similarities between man and the monkey prove that through evolution can never to reached the perfection that is in man. Evolution can approach to this level of perfection that is in man the level of the Chimpanzee but never reach this level. Like it says in the Bible, God created the man, in the image of God he was created male and female. He should have dominion over the whole earth.

The concept of the perfection of man which refutes evolution is Biblical. Without the Torah, it would be very difficult to refute evolution. When examining the history of mankind, the wars and atrocities which have occurred through the course of history it is difficult to dispute evolution. To dispute evolution means to distinguish man from the animal. The Bible the five books of Moses, the book of Genesis distinquishes man from the animal. The history of the world and science proves evolution, the Darwin theory. Only the prophets of God, and the righteous men which have lived on the earth dispute evolution.

Adam and Eve according to the Torah were created from the dust of the earth. They were created male and female. Male represents the soul of man and female the body of man which is natural. The difference between man and the animal is that man has a Godly soul. According to those that believe in reincarnation, it is also possible for animal, plants and stones to have souls. The development of natural life could have been through evolution but in man and woman was planted the perfect soul. About the perfect soul planted in man it says, "And God completed the works of heavens and earth and everything in it, he completed everything he had done on the seventh day, God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in this day he rested from all his work." Only man has the ability to reach the level of Sabbath, complete and total rest which is in communion with God.

Every species God created has moments of rest but not the rest of Sabbath. The rest of Sabbath is spiritual rest which was given only to man. Spiritual rest is the rest and joy which Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden. They had it on the day that they were created. They lost it after the sin of eating from the tree of knowledge. The goal of man is to find his roots in the Garden of Eden which were lost.

Evolution can never reach the perfection of Sabbath. Man has lost the perfection of Sabbath which confuses mankind to think of evolution, that he has been evolved from the monkey. Moses the prophet found his source in the Garden of Eden. He gave this knowledge through the Torah to mankind that each person should work to find his source in the Sabbath.

The discovery of the Sabbath is the work of every human being. The Jewish people keep the Sabbath and rest on the seventh day which is part of their religion. The Spiritual Sabbath was given to Adam and all the children of Adam. The knowledge of the spiritual Sabbath was lost so evolution of the species and man became a question and theory. The way to the Garden of Eden is blocked. The proofs of evolution are on the table which are fossils, and other ways to prove evolution. Evolution is easy to accept much easier today than the truth of the Torah.

Claiming the perfection of man is also not easy even for Biblical Scholars. Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden after the sin. The state of the world today is in the condition of after the sin. The Bible does not deny that mankind is living after the sin. The Bible does substantiate that there is a level of perfection of man which is before the sin when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. There is a difference of opinion in religious philosophy whether to consider the Garden of Eden and life in the Garden of Eden as being important today. There is religion where the Garden of Eden is considered to be in the past and no longer important. The issue of the perfection of man and woman in the Garden of Eden is suppressed. Man in the light of this philosophy is considered to be imperfect. Only man after the sin of the eating from the tree of life is important and relevant in these religions. In this religious philosophy, the perfection of man is irrelevant because he is not perfect. Therefore evolution is not a problem. Man is animal; and animal is man.

There are two approaches to religion which are called by Jerimiah the prophet the seed of the animal and the seed of man. In the religion called the seed of the animal, man is considered imperfect. It is no longer important for man to return to the perfection of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Spiritual freedom and Sabbath is suppressed and not a goal in the religion of the seed of the animal. The goal of these religions are self-sacrifice for the nation of God and kingship of God on earth. God is perfect and man is imperfect. Man and God are separate. Evolution can even be used to substantiate this philosophy to prove and support these religions.

In these religions, there is no perfect man or Godhead. All people are servants of God and are commanded to work for the kingship of God on earth through building places of prayer and learning. The difference between man and the animal is that man builds the kingship of God on earth in the way of the works of man. The animal builds his kingship through their own works. Man and the beast serve God. Even plant life serves God. Every species develops through being fruitful and multiplying to build the kingship of God. Man has special talents of intelligence and his works are more wonderous than the animal. King David said "I am no greater than a worm." It says in Psalms, "Man and animal his salvation is in God." God is the creator of natural life. Man is also a natural just like the animal.

Religions which follow the way of the seed of the animal have no problem with evolution. Judaism in the way it is followed according to the Oral law, has no problem with evolution. There is no Godhead in Judaism. Only the scripture, which is the written Torah refutes evolution. In the written Torah it clearly makes reference to Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. The written Torah gives credence to the perfection of man, and the spiritual Sabbath which distinguishes man from the animal, not only because of the higher intellect of man. Intellect can be used for good and for evil. It is not above nature.

There is an existence which is above nature. There is man who is above nature. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were above nature. The Jews which lived forty years in the wilderness eating food from heaven, drinking water from a mystical well, their clothes never withered, and a cloud following them through their journey lived a life above nature. The miracles which God did for the Jewish people the ten plagues and the splitting of the Red Sea revealed existence above nature. All these events are recorded in the five books of Moses. There is natural life described in the Torah and the supernatural. Those religions which deny the supernatural give only one picture of purpose of man in the world which is to serve God and build his kingship. They deny the purpose which is to reveal the essence of God and the essence of man which is above nature and refutes evolution.

There is religion which looks at the imperfection of man and the greatness of God. In these religions there is no problem with evolution. They can accept evolution because it gives power to their philosophy that man is imperfect. The religion which is called the seed of man emphasizes that man was not evolved from the beast. Its purpose is to prove that man is a special creation because he was given the Sabbath. The Garden of Eden still exists but it is covered over by the sins of man. Its purpose is to refute evolution, the Darwin theory. The soul of man is the divine Sabbath which is his sole possession that belongs to no other creature in the world. Man was not evolved from the beast though he very often acts like an animal. Man was created with the soul of the divine Sabbath which made him special.

The two approaches to religion are important, the seed of the animal and the seed of man. The seed of the animal considers man after he has lost the divine Sabbath and has been expelled from the Garden of Eden. When these religions deny the existence of the holy Sabbath and the Garden of Eden which is the perfection of man, they have already become believers in evolution. On the other hand, those religions which emphasize man and the Godhead but deny his imperfection which is in the woman they may become too lenient and forgot about the evil side of man. The truth of God is the combination of two religious philosophies Christian, Judaism and Muslim religions. The truth of God is in the Torah of Moses the written Torah. Moses is truth and his Torah is Truth.

Man is not an animal. He has the potential to be Adam. He also has the potential to be lower than the animal if he will forget the law of God.

Internet the Biggest Threat to Judaism since Christianity

Internet has been called by the religious leaders of Israel, the biggest danger to Judaism in history since Christianity. Despite the threat of Christianity Judaism has survived until today. The holy temple was destroyed by the Romans and the nation was dispersed throughout the world. Rabbi Jacob Emden of blessed memory writes in his Siddur prayer book that the greatest miracle is that Judaism has survived until today. Rabbi Jacob Emden is known to have saved Judaism from the false messiah Shabtei Tzvi. Again the Jewish nation is threatened. Technology has developed internet. Internet unites the whole world together which is a threat to Judaism which commands Jews to be separate from the world; a separate nation. Jews are commanded not to go in the way of the customs of the nations of the world.

Jews also have a secular life where every Jew works to build a family and support his children. Jews live in the world in nations which are controlled by gentiles Christians and Muslims. They cannot ignore the laws of the country in which they live. They are allowed according to Jewish law to follow the laws of these nations in which they live. In history the nations of the world have persecuted Jews by making decrees against religious observance. Judaism has faced these challenges and survived. These decrees were enforced by force and many Jews had to sacrifice their lives under these pressures. Many were killed and many were put in prison.

Internet is another type of threat. Jews are not forced to use the internet. There are times which the ultra-orthodox has no choice but open up the internet which is when they need to receive email or fill out forms on the internet for many reasons. Internet is enjoyable. There are many religious web-sites offering Torah learning, religious music on You Tube, vast sources of information available on all topics, news sites including religious news, and other advantages of using internet. Nevertheless, internet has been declared the biggest threat to Judaism in history especially internet which is available on telephones.

Christianity came into the world after the destruction of the second temple by the Romans. The danger of Christianity was that it was a religion in which all people were considered equal. Christianity did not separate Jews from the rest of the world. Christianity claimed that all people are the children of Adam. Adam was the soul source in Christianity through which all mankind is united and receives the divine spirit. All people are children of Adam and Eve the father and mother of all humanity. All of mankind in the light of Christianity are one family. The Torah has separated the Jewish people from the rest of the world. According to the Oral Torah, the soul source of all mankind is the Torah and the Jewish people. Adam was once the only soul source but after the eating from the tree of knowledge the Jewish people and the Torah became the soul source and source of spirituality for all mankind. Judaism represents the One God on earth. God has no other representative on earth except for Moses, his Torah and the Jewish nation. After the destruction of the first temple, the Jews lost control over the world. The temple was destroyed and the people were exiled to Babylon. From that time they have never again gained control. Jews pray three times a day that the Messiah should come and return the Jewish nation to be free from the influences of the other nations. Zionism means to return again to the days when the whole world was obligated to find God through the Jewish people, their Torah and their holy temple. All people should pray to God as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob like the Jews pray each day.

Christianity offered people a new soul source through Jesus the Messiah to become again part of the soul of Adam and Eve. They made a new religion. Judaism recognized the threat of Christianity to its nation and its people. Judaism connects to Moses and the Torah. Through their prophet Moses and the Torah they make their connection to God. They have also other scriptures which are the prophets and writings included in the Tanach, the Jewish Bible. They have their own prayer book and book of Psalms which they use for prayer. They learn the Talmud and today have clearly organized Jewish law called the Shulcan Aruch. The Oral law which was the law of the nation of Israel when it was established by King David and Solomon opposes Christianity which claims to be a new religion. Jesus was considered to be a false prophet when he began to form a new messianic movement.

The Christians added a new scripture to the Old Testament called the New Testament. In many ways according to the New Testament they want to destroy Judaism completely. There is a religious war between the two religions according to the two Bibles. Each religion claims to be the only religion of God.

The Romans conquered Israel and made many improvements to the country. They built new roads, new housing, improved health conditions and made other important changes to make life more pleasant. The Romans brought technology into Israel just like today technology is entering the Jewish homes through internet. Religious Jewish homes do not have television. Since there is no way of controlling the television stations, they consider it dangerous for raising Jewish children. Radio was once considered a danger to Judaism but later was accepted. Radio has only the audio communication. Visual communication is more problematic in Jewish law because of immodest dress on television and other forbidden things to watch which are considered neglect of Torah. Technology was considered dangerous in the times of the Romans and more so today. The main problem is that the Jews are not in control; the gentiles rule the Jews since the days of the destruction of the first temple.

When the Romans ruled over the land of Israel and Jerusalem, even though they had made many improvements to the nation, they had also placed pressures on Jews to assimilate and adopt their values. Many Torah Scholars did not object to Roman rule like Rabbi Judah Ben Eloi. When he was asked about Roman rule, he accepted it and even praised the work they had done in improving material life. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was asked by the Romans to speak in behalf of Roman rule and he refused. They wanted to take his life for opposing Roman rule, and he escaped. He lived twelve years in a cave with his son hiding out from the Romans.

Religious Jews today cannot accept Christianity as another religion. According to Jewish law it is considered to be idolatry. Jews are not being forced to convert to Christianity like in the past. The threat of Christianity to Judaism remains a problem for Jewish religious leaders. Christians have not given up their missionary work. They believe in their religion and believe that Jews are part of their faith. They believe that Jesus is the Messiah of the World which includes the Jewish people. Christian missionaries work day and night on the internet to win over new souls to Christianity. All the evils of the world are on the internet. There are also good things but as long as they are mixed and interwoven with the world, internet is a danger to Judaism and the Jewish home.

Internet is part of Christian philosophy. Christian philosophy is to accept the whole world together without exception. Fundamental Christians have limited their life to follow a law which like Jewish law prohibits many types of abominations to God including killing, stealing, sexual abuse etc. Most of the laws of their religion they have taken from Jewish law. Muslim law called Sharia is also taken from the Torah with several changes. The ideal of Christianity is that Jesus is the Messiah of mercy which changes all evil to good. Judaism as well as fundamentalists in Christianity and Muslim cannot accept that there is a power which can change all evil to good. Judaism limits the categories of evil to evil which can be changed over to good and evil which can never be elevated. Therefore in Judaism there is a division between permitted and forbidden. Internet is Christian; Christian is internet. The source of technology is Christian. Technology works to make life easier and more pleasant. Pope Francis was asked if he approved of internet and he said yes. Pope Francis is spreading the ideal of Christianity that Jesus is the Messiah of mercy which is called by his opponents Harlot. The Harlot receives men out of wedlock. The Law of God is a marriage contract between man and God giving instructions about the obligations between man and man and man and God. In accepting Jesus as the Messiah of mercy is removed all boundaries between Jesus and the world which is also the internet that is without boundaries.

Religious leaders in Judaism have no choice but to accept technology. The fact that technology has brought to the world an easier and more pleasant life is not important to Judaism. These values are Christian values. However the Rabbis have no choice but to accept internet and technology. The solution is to make a filter on the internet to limit many bad influences. However they are also removing many of the pleasures of using internet. They can't make internet completely Jewish but they would like to take out the influences of the world from the internet. The Rabbis have no place for a Messiah of mercy which Pope Francis is spreading in the world.

Excluding mercy from a Jewish life presents many difficulties to Jewish people. Jews need mercy. The law of God has brought to the world justice. All the religions of the world which the Jews call idolatry and false have accepted with Judaism the need for justice. They all agree mercy alone is no answer. Mercy is for sure important and maybe the most important attribute of God but justice is also needed to compliment mercy. Judaism and Muslim religions argue that justice comes before mercy. God created the world with justice and added to his creation mercy. Christians argue that God is all merciful, Jesus is all merciful. This is the danger of Christianity and the danger of internet to Jews and Muslims who are against assimilation. Assimilation is no problem to the Christianity of Pope Francis. He is not looking for perfection; he is seeking a One World Religion; he is looking for all people to be happy and at peace with each other.

Through Zohar was introduced to Judaism the concept of redemption through adding to Judaism the attribute of mercy. Judaism has still not accepted the proposal of the Zohar. Mercy is dangerous to Judaism. Internet is dangerous to Judaism. Pope Francis is dangerous to Judaism. Many Jews need mercy. They need the Zohar and redemption.

Bastards in the Torah

The term bastard is used as a curse word in the modern world. The one you hate you call a bastard. The origin of the word bastard comes from the bible. In Deuteronomy 23:3 it says, a bastard shall not enter in the congregation of God also until the tenth generation he shall not enter in the congregation of God. Two times is mentioned that he should not enter into the congregation of God to emphasize that the Bastard or Mamzer forever is excluded from being part of Israel, the congregation of God.

A bastard is a child born from a sexual relationship in which there is incest. The bible makes clear which relationships between man and woman are permitted and which are forbidden. In general, sexual relations with close relatives are forbidden. Sexual relations with cousins are permitted. Sexual relations with a married woman is called adultery and is forbidden. Children born from these relationship are called Mamzerim or bastards.

A bastard in Jewish law cannot marry a Jewish woman other than another Jewish mamzer. Their children are also considered to be Mamzer and are forbidden to marry into the congregation of God families which are pure from incest relationships. Through these laws of incest and mamzer God maintained the Jewish lineage and its purity from the sin of incest. Families became outcasts from the congregation of Israel.

A mamzer is still a Jew as long as his mother is Jewish. Except for the rights of marriage he has almost all other rights of other Jews and is considered equal. He only has this blemish which was given to him by his parents through incest. A mamzer living in the times of the temple had no choice but to accept his status. He could not marry a Jew from the congregation and was forbidden to marry a gentile according to the law. He was born into a very difficult situation.

The Torah emphasizes the importance of marriage not only for the sake of having children but also for emotional reasons. About Adam the first man who was the most perfect of all human beings, the Torah says that it is not good for him to be alone that he should find a soul mate. He looked for a soul mate from all the animals in the Garden. Finally God created Eve from his rib to be part of his body, the flesh of his flesh and the bone of his bones. The mamzer was born like all human beings with the desire for a woman. The law restricted him to marry other children who were born bastards.

When the nation of Israel was established according to the Law of Moses strict laws were decreed against marriage out of wedlock. In this way the nation could be able to prevent forbidden relationships within the congregation which would create bastards. All marriage was supervised by the rabbinical courts, which investigated into the lineage of the bride and groom to exclude the bastards from their congregation. There was also instituted a law to prohibit men and woman to be together without supervision. This would prevent these couples from making a mistake which would give birth to a Mamzer. A boy and girl which was found alone together could be punished with lashes.

In the beginning of the nation a mamzer would find difficulty marrying because there were few bastards in the nation. He had no other choice but to remain celibate. The first celibates in the nation of the Bible were bastards. The Torah teaches that a Mamzer could be holy even more than a priest. There were bastards in Bible times who were holy men. They were celibates.

To be fruitful and multiply is very important in Torah law. However, the Torah did also allow celibacy and encourage celibacy for special souls but only through force when they were mamzer. From this can be learned, that there is a place for celibacy in the Torah. The Christian bible took another approach toward the obligation of having children to allow also for celibacy. Priests and Nuns are celibate. The permission for celibacy comes from these bastards which were punished for the sins of their parents. The Christian Bible even encouraged celibacy since according to the Christian Bible the world was already approaching the end of time when it was no longer an obligation to have children like before. When the world was beginning to be populated, even relationships of incest were permitted. Jacob married two sisters which is forbidden in the bible after Mount Sinai. On Mount Sinai when God gave the law to Moses incest was forbidden and was established the law of bastards. The Torah encouraged men and woman to have families according to Jewish law. There were few celibates in the Jewish nation. A person was always given permission to be celibate if his desire was only to learn Torah. Marriage in Judaism is encouraged at a young age at the age of eighteen but children can marry even younger. Celibacy is not Jewish but the concept of celibacy began through the law of the Torah which excluded bastards from the congregation and forbid them from marriage.

The law of Bastards became more complicated as the nation of Israel weakened. When the first temple was destroyed and the nation was exiled to Babylon the laws of marriage were difficult to enforce. Jews were able to marry gentiles. Bastards were able to marry Jews who were part of the congregation. The Jewish lineage was weakened. When the nation returned to their homeland and built the second temple the nation and its holiness was already polluted with bastards born during the seventy years of exile. The nation could never again maintain the same level of family purity as it was in the times of the first temple. The friction between families with lineage and other families that had been assimilated during the seventy years of exile created conflicts in the nation and caused hatred between Jews. The destruction of the second temple is attributed to the sin of hatred between Jews.

The nation of Israel split into two parts after the reign of King Solomon. There were two nations Israel and Judah. Two hundred years later the Assyrians conquered Israel. Many of the Samarians living in Israel who were Jews returned to Judah in refuge until the entire nation of Israel was dispersed or assimilated with the other nations. Those Jews that returned to Judah had already lost their lineage. The nation of Israel even in the time of the first temple which stood over four hundred years could no longer enforce strict laws of lineage as it had before. The nation was beginning to be split in two parts from within the families with their lineage protected and those families the victim of assimilation. They could no longer maintain the strict laws of bastards. Today there is even a question about the lineage of Priests and Levites in the nation.

The law of bastards is still enforced in Judaism and in Israel where marriage and divorce is supervised by the Orthodox Rabbinical court. The Law of bastards is part of the Torah, the law of God. This law split the nation into two parts. It also helped to create within Judaism Christianity. The Talmud calls Jesus a mamzer. Mamzer or bastards in the Jewish nation were encouraged to be celibates. Christianity which claims to be a religion created on the foundation of the Torah encourages their people to become priests and nuns. They have abolished the law of bastards but continue to prohibit incest.

Even in Jewish law, there is an opinion that in the end of times the law of bastards will be abolished. In the Talmud, it states that in the end of time bastards will become pure. Rabbi Isaac Alfasi an authority on Jewish law from the Rishonim about a thousand years ago accepts this decree of the Talmud. The Christians have already abolished the law of Mamzer since they believe in Jesus the Messiah two thousand years ago. Judaism has difficulty determining the status of days of the future, days of the Messiah. Therefore they still maintain the status of mamzer in Jewish law.

The law of mamzer in the 20th century is considered cruel to punish children for the sins of their parents even unintentionally. The law was influential to create a new religion in the world Christianity. The strictness of the law was also a cause of destruction of the two temples. Mamzer is in the Torah of God, and will forever be a part of the Torah. The Torah is forever but times do change. The world does not need like before to be fruitful and multiply. Before Mount Sinai, even incest was permitted for the sake of populating the world. At Mount Sinai laws of incest limited the way to populate the world, and was created the Jewish nation. The law of Mamzer helped split the Jewish nation in two parts and create Christianity. Like the appendix it is no longer functioning.

From the law of Mamzer where it says Mamzer is forever excluded from the congregation of God, we see that the term forever is superfluous. Mamzer is not excluded forever. Only about God can we use the term forever. The Torah is the law of truth; Moses is the prophet of truth.

Moses and the war with Amalek

The Holy Book The Zohar has brought a different light into Judaism and has started a new beginning in Judaism. In the Zohar, Moses the teacher and prophet of all Israel has risen from the dead and together with Elijah the prophet reveals the deepest secret of the creation of God which is the eternal life of the prophets of God.

Elijah in the book of Kings which is part of the Jewish Bible ascended into a cloud and never died. He returns for visits to this world to bring into the world the light of the Torah. At every Brit Jewish circumcism a chair is set aside for Elijah the prophet who comes down from heaven for the circumcism of the child and of the children of Israel. It tells in the Torah of Moses a prophecy that in the end of time, "God will circumcise the hearts of Israel and their children." The prophet Ezekiel adds that "God will change over a heart of stone to a heart of flesh."

The ascension of Elijah into heaven was the beginning of the redemption of the Jewish people and all mankind. This spiritual redemption changes all darkness to light, sadness to happiness. It is the redemption of mankind from the nation of Amalek which denies that God is the creator of the world. The nation of Amalek is the enemy of God in the bible. In Numbers 14, it says "And Amalek came to wage a war with Israel in Refidim." Moses sent his soldiers of God to wage the war with Amalek who are the righteous saints of God in the world. Moses the leader of the army of Israel stood on the top of a hill overlooking the battle with the rod of Elokim in his hands. He was assisted by his two close students to assist the children of Israel in this battle who were Aharon and Chur. Moses raised his hands in the air holding the rod of God. Joshua and Chur held up his hands and placed a rock under his arms. It says about the arms and hands of Moses , The hands of Moses are faith until sunset. When the hands of Moses were raised, Israel was victorious in the battle, when his hands descended Amalek was victorious. The faith in the eternal life of Moses and the prophets is the way toward the victory of mankind over Amalek which God placed in the world to battle with his children to make them atheists.

Moses at the end of his life of 120 years ascended up on the mountain of Nevo in the Sinai desert and was never again seen. His burial place is unknown until today. Elijah and Moses continue forever to lead mankind in the spiritual battle against Amalek until will be revealed God to the whole world like it says in the prophets, "and in this day God will be one in the whole earth, he will be one and his name will be one." "The whole world will be filled with knowledge of God like the waters cover the sea."

Moses has returned to Israel today through the Zohar the book of Splendor. His mystical disappearance before his death, his burial place which is unknown is called in the Zohar the deepest secret of God. The remainder of the revelation of God on earth was left to be revealed by the prophets of God in the future generations of the world. Moses before his passing, left Israel and the Jewish people the Torah the five books of Moses, and instructions for the Jewish people to build their nation on earth. Today he has resurrected and is living under the holy temple with the prophets of God. The place of the holy temple called Zion is the foundation of the creation and the place where will resurrect the dead in the end of time.

The nation of Israel was founded by Moses. The Torah writes, "There will not be another prophet like Moses in Israel." Moses and his generation did not enter the land of Israel. Joshua brought the children of Israel into the land. The spiritual redemption of all mankind depends upon the belief in the Torah of Moses and the eternal life of Moses and the people of his generation. The redemption of the world from Amalek the enemy of faith in God comes through believing in the resurrection of Moses and the people of his generation. The beginning of this revelation came through the resurrection of Jesus. It was initiated by Elijah the prophet. Elijah the prophet forever continues to work to bring the world to belief in the resurrection of the dead. Through the belief in the resurrection of the dead is washed away all sadness like it says in Ezekiel, "I will throw upon you pure waters, I will be for you a God."

God intends the whole world to be part of this revelation. He has brought to the world the faith in God connected to the Torah of Moses. Through universal faith in the One God, will be brought together all the nations of the world to worship the One God in the holy city of Jerusalem. Moses has returned to Israel and the Jewish people to be again the messenger of God on earth. His message is not to worry. Everything is in the hands of God. God created the world. There is eternal life for every human being who succeeds and is victorious against the nation of Amalek. Through the belief in the eternal life of the righteous comes the redemption of mankind from Amalek the evil forces which wage a war in each generation against faith in God and faith in the Law of God. The Zohar the Book of splendor brings this message to the Jewish people who have also been weakened by the nation of Amalek. They have lost their faith in the eternal life of Moses and the people of his generation. They deny the resurrection of Jesus. They deny the resurrection of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and the truth of the letter which he gave to his student Rabbi Yisrael Odessa inscribed with his name Na, Nac,Nachma, Nachman. Today in all places in Israel the name of Rebbe Nachman the symbol of the resurrection is being spread by the students of Saba Yisrael Ber. Saba told his students to spread this name not only in Israel but in the whole earth. Faith in this letter is faith in the resurrection.

The soul of Rabbi Nachman is the soul of Moses. Moses has resurrected and Rabbi Nachman has resurrected. Elijah the prophet is alive. He never died. The Lubavitcher Rebbe is alive and has never died even if Amalek continues to deny his eternal life like it has worked to deny the eternal life of Moses. About King David, it says, King David lives forever. The forefathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob live forever especially Jacob where his death is not mentioned in the Torah.

The battle against Amalek is on two fronts which are belief in the eternal life of the righteous, and the battle against immorality in the world. The battle against Amalek is a battle for peace Shalom and to reveal the name of God in the world which is Shalom. It is a battle for truth which is the purpose of life and creation to reveal truth. Moses is leading the world in this battle. His hands are still raised in the air, for he is alive forever.

The Good in Esau

Jews are taught to hate Esau. Esau is the enemy of Jacob the father of the Jews. The Prophet Ovadiya declares, Thus says the Lord God concerning Edom; we have heard tidings from the Lord, and an ambassador is sent among the nations. Arise and let us rise up against her in battle.

In this prophecy he continues, And the house of Jacob shall be fire, and the house of Joseph flame, and the house of Esau for stubble and they shall kindle in them and devour them; and there shall be not any remaining of the house of Esau; for the Lord has spoken it.

Esau is Edom. In the end the evil of the house of Esau will be destroyed. The good of the house of Esau will live.

Hitler and Stalin rose up from the house of Esau and were destroyed. Hopefully, the evil in Esau is finished, but not for sure. There is still a power in the world called Amalek, the enemies of the Lord. Amalek is a part of Esau but Esau is not Amalek. Amalek has in it no good; but Esau has good in him which God has redeemed.

It is a very common question about the giving of the birth right to Jacob in Genesis: 25. Isaac the son of Abraham wanted to give the birth right to Esau. His wife Rebecca interfered and encouraged her son Jacob to trick his father to receive the birth right, the principal blessing of Isaac and God. Esau and Jacob were twins. Esau came out first from the womb of his mother which made him first born. The birth right belonged to him according to civil law. The bible relates how he had surrendered to Jacob during a famine in the land for sustenance from his brother. Others say that God weakened him because of his evil ways when he went out hunting for prey. Esau was a hunter. Jacob was an intellectual. Esau did give his father respect in his life and honored his father. He served his father by bringing him food from the forests where he hunted down beasts.

Some say that Isaac wanted to give the birth right to Esau that he might someday repent and become a Torah Scholar. People in their lives have changed over from thieves and killers to righteous people like the Torah Scholar Reish Lochaish. Perhaps by giving him the birth right he would be inspired to repent from his evil ways. Even in the belly of his mother, the Torah relates that Esau has these evil qualities.

Jacob took the birth right from his father, the major blessing for his children for the future. Esau came afterwards, and was also given a blessings but not like the blessings that was given to Jacob. Esau was jealous and wanted to kill Jacob because he felt he was tricked even though he had surrendered the birth right to Jacob during the famine. Jacob ran away from Esau to save his life. He married the daughters of Laban during his travels and had twelve children which became the twelve tribes of Israel.

In Genesis:31 Jacob and his family were confronted by Esau during his journeys. Esau had an army and the life of Jacob and his family was in danger. They could not run away. Instead Jacob separated his camp and family into two parts. His plan was to confront Esau with one camp and the other camp would be able to escape if he was unsuccessful to make peace with Esau his brother. Jacob was successful making peace with Esau and their lives were saved. Jacob the father of truth was able to find the good in Esau. He confronted his brother and fought with the angel of Esau on the way. He had a spiritual battle to reveal the good in Esau. Esau and Jacob hugged each other as if they were again dear loving brothers.

There is good in Esau who is naturally filled with evil. The good in Esau was later revealed as the desire for freedom and happiness. The attribute of Jacob and his children was men of God devoted to the service of God. Jacob and his children were raised to be faithful servants of God. They did not desire freedom. They sacrificed freedom the attribute of Esau and made in Jerusalem a nation without freedom, a kingship according to the Law of Moses. Judaism even today teaches Jewish law which rejects freedom.

The law of the land of Israel was strict. Trangressors of the law were punishable with death, four types of death according to their transgression. Forty stripes were given for minor transgressions. They even made decrees to strengthen the law which were also punishable with stripes. The nation existed under Torah law for almost a thousand years.

Jacob was a great saint. His children learned from him the attributes of saintliness. God commands the Jewish people to be a holy nation. Jews are only human beings and the strictness of the law was necessary for the nation to maintain its sanctity. The nation fell two times and the two temples were destroyed. The people were dispersed throughout the world. Today they have returned to the land of Israel and have made a new nation with freedom. The Old nation was a dictatorship; the new nation is a democracy a free state with freedom of religion and freedom of the press.

Freedom is evil and it is good. Freedom is the attribute of Esau which was suppressed in Judaism which is based upon the Oral teachings of Moses. People today including Jews are discovering that there is good in Esau. People today enjoy freedom. Even religious Jews enjoy freedom even though freedom is considered evil in their Torah. Isaac saw the good in his son Esau which inspired him to want to give to Esau the birth right. The good in Esau took almost three thousand years to be revealed. Isaac was a prophet, and saw into the future. His wife Rebecca was more practical and saw that there was no place for Esau and freedom in her family. He tricked her husband and sent into her husband Jacob to get the blessings.

The evil in Esau still exists but the good of Esau has been revealed. The evil of Esau which is in the hearts of all mankind desires for immorality. It rebels against the law of God for Jews and gentiles. Freedom can also become idolatry. There is a perfect combination which is the unity of freedom and the opposite of freedom which is to be servant to God. This combination is the recipe which is taught in the Zohar uniting freedom son of God and servant of God which are the two Messiahs, the messiah the son of Joseph and the messiah the son of David. In the Zohar is taught the two ways which is the way of the servant and the way of the son who is also a servant.

Christianity revealed in the world the good of Esau. Humanity is rejecting Christianity and Jews are rejecting Judaism. There is evil in Esau which will be destroyed in the end of time related by the prophet Ovadia. The Muslim religion has come to contest those that seek the evil of Esau. God created the world to give him honor. He gave mankind freedom but not for it to be abused. Mankind was created to know God. God is revealed by his prophets Jesus, Mohammed and Moses. He is revealed by all the righteous saints of all ages both in Judaism and in the world. The wise man learns from all men. The wise man accepts the Torah, the Law of Moses as the law of truth. The wise man appreciates Moses and the attribute of Moses which is humility. The Torah praises Moses that he was the humblest of all men. The salvation of God came through Jesus. Through Mohammed has come a warning to those that abuse freedom.

Most important is to believe in God the creator of the universe like it says in the first passage of the Torah, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. From the first day of creation until the creation is completed at the time of the resurrection of the dead, the divine hand of God is working in his creation to reveal his divine unity which is Shalom or peace. World Unity and Peace is becoming more and more important as the danger of world destruction becomes closer. The name of God which is Shalom has been revealed by the prophets of God. People today are enjoying freedom but they are also seeking peace. The true peace is knowing God; loving God, and loving his prophets.

Serve the nation

Nationalism is an ideal which has in it good and bad. People need a nation a government. It says on the ethics of the fathers, "you should give respect to the government. If not for the government there would be chaos between people." Making a good and just government is difficult. Any time when you need politics is created problems. Politics is very often dirty. In the times of the establishment of the state of Israel in biblical times, there was no exception.

Moses gave the Jewish people entering the land of Israel a law, a constitution to make a government in Israel. He taught to Joshua the laws and commandments which would become the constitution of the nation of Israel after they had conquered the land. Moses and the men of his generation remained in the wilderness. Their children entered the land.

In establishing a new nation in a new land, first is to establish sovereignty over the land. The land was conquered in the times of David. Then began the battle between King Saul and David over the kingship. The Law of Moses has made the nation of Israel a kingship. King David was anointed king of Israel according to the Law of Moses. According to the Law of Moses, the Torah the kingship was to be handed over to the children of the King from the tribe of Judah which was the children of King David. Therefore the kingship belongs forever to David and his descendants. The Messiah which the Jewish people pray for each day is to be a descendant of the house of David.

The laws and commandments of Moses his Torah demanded for the nation to make a Congress of Judges and a police force. Children at the age of twenty would be drafted into the army. When there was complete sovereignty would be built a Holy temple in Jerusalem according to the instruction given by Moses to the Jewish people. Until that time, the people made their sacrifices in a portable tabernacle which stood in the city of Shiloh or on private altars throughout the land. When the holy temple the Beit Hamikdash was built by King Solomon according to the Torah it became prohibited to make private altars for sacrifice. All sacrifice was to be done in Jerusalem in the Beit Hamikdash by the holy priests of the nation.

The Jewish people were given by Moses a religion. Three times a year the whole nation would bring sacrifices to the temple during the holidays Passover, Shavuot (Weeks), Succot (booths). In preparation for the holiday of Succot was Rosh HaShanna(The new year holiday) and Yom Kippur (the high holy day of fasting). The seventh day of the week is forever a Jewish holiday called Shabbat, a day of rest, to commemorate the creation of the world like it says, "In six days God created the heavens and earth, on the seventh day he rested." Shabbat is the holiest day of the year. Yom Kippur is called the Sabbath of Sabbaths.

Laws were established for observance of the holidays. All the holidays were days of rest. Working on these days was described in the law. Desecration of the holiness of these days was punishable by death. The holidays and the Sabbath in Judaism are days of joy.

Jewish law is sacred. Transgression of these laws is punishable by death which is described in the law called the four types of capital punishment. For minor transgressions is given forty stripes which are very painful. Decrees by the Sanhedrin, the Congress of Sages became law and also punishable by stripes.

The King was given freedom which was not given to the people. The king could decree death on those that opposed his rule. The nation was a dictatorship. There was no freedom of speech or freedom of the press. Preaching change of the law was punishable by death. The law could not be changed according to the constitution which was the Torah.

King David writes in Psalms, "The Torah of God is perfect, it heals the soul." The people did not always agree with King David and wanted to change the law. They had to remain quiet or be put to death. The law did not give the people the right to be close to God in a private way. They were commanded by the law of Israel, which was the Oral Torah to be part of the congregation and serve God together with their nation. Creativity was suppressed. Religious Jews today dress in the same way wearing black hats and black clothing. Individuality was suppressed and could even cause a person to be confronted by his neighbor or by the police authorities for changing the law. The King was allowed the privileges which the people were not permitted. The King dressed with royalty. He was allowed private life. He also could have wives out of wedlock called Peligash which was forbidden to the people. King David says in Psalms, "Make a time to be alone with God, and leave the Torah." This was his privilege but not the privilege of the people. The King was only allowed spiritual pleasure of meditation and private prayer. The people were commanded to study the Torah day and night. Neglect of Torah learning is considered a sin. Prayer was once considered to be neglect of Torah learning in Judaism.

The law of God given to Moses for the Jewish people demanded that the people serve their nation. Their private life was their family life. They were encouraged to marry and make a family. The children would serve the nation which was very often at war with their neighbors. They needed an army; they needed children to serve in the army. Only for a short period a time during the reign of Solomon was there peace, and each person could enjoy civilian life. Poverty was always a problem for some people and the Torah encouraged Jews to help each other, the love of your fellow Jew.

The pressures of the neighboring nations brought down the nation and helped to destroy the two temples. Jews are taught that the main reason for the destruction of the two temples was due to neglect of Torah. The first temple was destroyed because of idolatry. The second temple because of hatred between Jews. The hatred between Jews was created by rebellion against the Torah within the nation. The people were not happy with the Torah and rebelled. This caused disunity and even civil wars.

Even at the times of Solomon where they were enjoying wealth, the people were not happy. The nation became split into two parts Judah and Israel. Ten tribes joined Yerbeon Ben Navat to make their own state in Shomron. During almost the whole period of the first temple there was two states. During the time of the second temple the nation became split into two religious groups the Sadducees and the Perushim. The Sadducees was a reformed religious movement. The tension between these two sides was due to the fact that in the Torah is written that change is forbidden. The Torah is rigid and cannot be changed except to make new laws to enforce the laws and protect them from change.

The main objection that the people have with Judaism is that they want the rights that were given only to the king. They want freedom but not the freedom to be completely irreligious. They want more flexibility than what the Torah permitted. King David revealed in the Psalms his private freedom which was "to make a time for God" to be free to express your feelings to your father in heaven without the pressures of the Torah Nation. The king was allowed a private life to be alone with God that the people didn't have these rights. The Jew could not even close his door and enjoy the freedom of his own home. He could be called a rebel of the nation if he went out of the law. The law commanded Jews to marry. Relationships out of wedlock were prohibited. When you are married you are not completely free. Your wife who has been educated in Jewish law will not let her husband privacy like the king. It is even difficult to be a king in your own home sometimes. Without a woman a man is completely lost.

A dictatorship demands service of the people for their nation. There is no freedom. Even a religious dictatorship with justice and mercy can be difficult for people with private needs. Not all people are made to be soldiers of their nation. Not all people want to be judges. The Torah encourages Jews to rebuke their neighbors when they transgress. A Jew is encouraged to be a judge and interfere with the privacy of his fellow Jew for the sake of his nation and the Torah.

The other alternative for Jews is a democracy like exists in the State of Israel today. The Orthodox cannot accept this alternative because it is against his religion the Torah of Moses which is never allowed to be changed. Even the Messiah cannot change the Torah. The Torah commands the Jew to serve his nation before God and his own welfare. Judaism is national religious and this cannot be changed.

The world has changed but Judaism has not changed. Other religions have spread out throughout the world. Judaism claims to be the only authentic religion. Judaism considers other types of Monotheism which connect to God through an intermediate, a holy teacher or the messiah idolatry. Judaism has one interest which is "Serve your nation." Serve your nation has become primary even before "love the lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your might." The nation comes before World Unity and Peace.

Moses was called the humblest man on all the earth. Jews have again to connect with Moses and the attribute of humility. This is the message of the Zohar where Moses has returned to Am Yisrael the Jewish people again to be their mentor and to initiate changes in the Torah. The Zohar has given the Jew the rights of the king to "make a time for God." At the same time they are commanded and advised by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai not to make graven images which makes Judaism different than Christianity. The Zohar accepts the Messiah of freedom but also accepts the Messiah of the Jewish people and their religion together. The Zohar has accepted change and has connected the Jew to the world in the right way. Judaism has still not accepted the changes of the Zohar.